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Sara Vowel Liked My Facebook Post.




It been a very interesting weekend here at DCotU. Yesterday I went to the Milwaukie Oregon Things From Another World’s graphic novel book club. Let me give you an extremely accurate enactment of what happened.

Things From Another World: Our graphic novel book club facilitator cannot make it, is there anyone on the premises that can lead a group discussion on Brian Woods’ Briggsland TPB Vol. 1, State of Grace, focusing on literary allusion, pop culture references and historical president?

Voice Inside my head: This is the moment you have been training for all your adult life.

briggs land

Well it was kind of like that. I was actually afraid that with all my research and questions, I would be ‘that guy’, you know, the guy who bogarts the discussion. But if they put you in charge, you can say whatever the heck you want.  If you have not read Brian Woods’ Briggs Land then run, don’t walk to your local comic book store and pick up a copy right now. You can thank me later. Like his brilliant DMZ, it covers a group of people who feel they can no longer live within the confines of America, but they are not going anywhere, even if they have to  use violence to get their ideas across. They are the law in  their community, a criminal organization and the church, the Briggs family rules Briggs Land with an iron fist, but when the patriarch’s wife Grace pulls a coup, and begins initiating reforms, she is opening up herself to attacks from within and without.  It is shocking, thought provoking, and at places makes you uncomfortable, everything good literature should do.


OK so if Briggs Land was established after the Civil War what happened in 1980. that they posted that sign, tell me Woods, dang it tell me!

Then I discovered Puddles Pity Party, this 7’ guy in clown makeup who makes classic rock even better. I am not kidding check this dude out he is AMAZING!!!!!


And then BBC announced that the 13th Doctor is going to be Jodie Whittaker.  For the first time I want to make out with The Doctor. The choice is perfect. Why cannot a time-lord regenerate into a woman? She is good looking but not too cute, and her clothing pick is the best choice for the Doctor since Tom Bakers large scarf. She looks hot, smart, determined, weary, yet at the same time has this sense of curiosity about her. And I get this from a one minute thirteen second trailer, most of which you cannot see her face. In three words “I am in.”

Now that that is a full week for me, but wait till I tell you the biggest part. Are you ready? Are you sure? Are you setting down? Ready?  Sara Vowel like my Facebook post. Oh, OK you knew that because you read the title of this post. Oh, OK. Uh what? You don’t know who Sara Vowel is? You cannot tell this but I am staring at you across the internet, with this ‘really’ look on my face.

OK here we go. Sara Vowel is most well known for being the voice of Violet in The Incredibles, but before that she was an editor and contributor on NPR’s This American Life. But she’s also the author of these funny and incredible books about history. Everything from her obsession with dead president, Assassination Vacation. Le’ Comte Lafayette, Lafayette and the Somewhat United States, The pilgrims Wordy Shipmates, and Hawaii Unfamiliar Fishes.

assanation vacy

Interests, hanging out at president’s graves.

Of course the post I was sharing was an article form her feed that she would be reprising her role of Violet, in next year’s Incredibles II. And well it would be a bigger deal if she hadn’t said in a signing of LatSUS, that she didn’t do her own social media, that she had some guy to do it for her.

v iolet

But in my mind Sara is sitting at her computer, sipping her morning coffee, pursuing this week’s copy of The New Yorker, and sees that I shared her post, and she says, “oh, I remember him, he was that roughishly good looking, middle aged goat farmer I met once in Portland. I think I will like his post.” You have your celebrity fantasies, I have mine.

OK, confession time I kind of embarrassed myself in front of SV the one time I did met her. She scribbles her name in big black letters on the title page of my copy of Lafayette  and jokingly says. ”I am sorry I missed up your nice clean book with my signature.”  Star struck and more than a bit enamored, I quickly try to say something witty. “Oh I am sure that I will end up messing it up worst, I am pretty rough on books.” And she shot me this look, that I probably interrupted incorrectly as, “this is a book you infidel, treat it with the respect it deserves.”

So I blew it with my celebrity crush. Still to me SV embodies the axioms, smart is sexy, reading is sexy, writing is very sexy. And in this time in my life I don’t want a woman to talk dirty to me, I just want one who’s willing to talk history to me.


3 comments on “Sara Vowel Liked My Facebook Post.

  1. For Tyeth
    July 17, 2017

    Great post Dave, and congrats on your celebrity interaction. I had a similar experience last month when I met Sophie Aldred, who you’ll remember as Ace from Dr Who! I managed to get to a Comic Con she was attending and showed her a lightsaber I designed for her/Ace. It’s an amazing feeling when you get recognition/acknowledgement from someone you admire! And hey, SV may still be “interested”….she checked out your blog man! Thanks.
    You can read about my meeting with Ace here:

    • For Tyeth
      July 17, 2017

      Sorry the link I left didn’t seem to embed! For those interested the page is at FTSabersite.wordpress.com and is called “For Tyeth’s first Comic Con – It was ACE!”

  2. buffalotompeabody
    July 17, 2017

    Sara Vowel and David Sedaris ( along with his sister Amy Sedaris) are all National Treasures! Bravo, Dave! 👍👍

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