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Rodin’s Father Looks just Like Patrick Stewart.


rodan's fatehr.


A while back I took my mother and aunt to the Portland Art Museum. They were running a Rodin exhibit. It was pretty amazing, of the trio of us I was the only one who had never seen an actual Rodin. I had seen them in books and on line, but it is not the same, if you really want to appreciate his genius you need to see his work up close.


i off course quipped . “How could Rodan make these statues with only wings, and claws…You mean they weren’t done by the pterodactyl in Godzilla?” OK, bad joke, but you know it had to be said.  thought it was going to be my only pop culture reference of the day.

I walked into one of the many rooms of Rodin exhibits and there was this bust that looked exactly like Sir Patrick Stewart. I mean exactly, no hair, the same noes, and face. At first I thought it was a joke, someone in the museum must have put it here as some joke. I checked the information pluck on the bust. It claimed it was Rodin’s father. I still wasn’t convinced, I checked to make sure that it was signed by Rodin. As near as I could tell it was legit.


So I grabbed docent, and asked, “Has anyone ever said to you this looks like Patrick Stewart?”


“Oh I call it Jean-Luc, I noticed it the moment they brought it in.” He replied.


“I know.” Said the simi-hot half Goth half hipster art student next to me. “It’s amazing.”


There I had it, proof that I was not crazy. Confirmed by a museum docent and a cute Portlander, there is no better people in the world to confirm you aren’t crazy. I then pointed out to my mom and aunt who also verified the likeness.


Now The Portland Art Museum has this kind of well yeah, you really shouldn’t take pictures of the art, but you know, we aren’t going to get all in your grill over it. So looking over my shoulder, and using all my spycraft training I received being a goat farmer.  I secretly took a photo with my camera.


Now I am not saying that Patrick Stewart is a time traveler and in secretly raised Rodin (But oh man that would be so cool) more than likely in history we all have our doppelganger, it just rare that they are two famous people. (I am looking at you Keanu Reeves, immortal vampire lord.) But the more important lesson is that history and art can be fun, and we can all make amazing stories, if we just expose ourselves to enough of it.

2 comments on “Rodin’s Father Looks just Like Patrick Stewart.

  1. simon682
    July 11, 2017

    Wonder if Rodin’s dad supported Huddersfield too!

    • davekheath
      July 11, 2017

      Or when he was a kid, Rodin would say “Do you want me to pass the salad to you?” And his dad would say “Make it so.”

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