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Geek Holidays; July 2nd World UFO Day.



Today July 2nd is World UFO Day. Well there are actually two days that are celebrated as World UFO Day. July 2nd and June 24th. The 24th was anniversary of the Kenneth Arnold sighting, and the 2nd of July is the anniversary of the Roswell crash. With Kenny’s Pacific North West connection and it being the 70th anniversary of   the term flying saucer, why did we here at DCotU not celebrate World UFO Day on the 24th, well the embarrassing reason is, I was busy and forgot about it.

ken arnold

Many of my readers will know I am pretty agnostic when it comes the paranormal. I find it fascinating as folklore but am pretty reluctant to say aliens from another planet have made contact with us. People are honestly seeing something, but it just seems the distance and the amount of energy needed to get a spaceship to propel the distance between stars is just too great to overcome.  So why would I encourage people to celebrate World UFO day?


I have a friend who genetically and culturally Jewish, but his spiritual inclination is basically atheism. He however loves Jewish celebrations, he loves lighting the Menorah with his daughter, and has found memories of Passover dinners. He is not being a hypocrite, he honestly enjoys these elaborations, though he doesn’t necessarily believe the origins the celebrations.

battle of LA

Besides this is different from World Alien Contact Day (March 15th) this is about the “U” n UFO it is about the unknown and the mystery. It can also be a day of celebrating the cultural aspects of UFOs. No matter when you are on the Australian Sheep-Goat test, you have to admit that UFO have had impact on our pop culture.

So what are some ways that we could celebrate World UFO Day, besides eating UFO shaped Pizza and cakes? One way is to watch some of the many documentaries that are on Youtube. They come and go but the MUFON Hanger One are excellent. I will post some links on the bottom.

ufo cake

Another way is watch some classic UFO movies like The Day the Earth Stood Still (The original not the remake) Close Encounters of the Third kind (I tried to get a friend to watch this Spielberg classic but he was afraid he might have missed something in the first two movies) Communion, Fire in the Sky, Independence Day, The Thing, or like me and watch the cheesy clips from 50’s UFO movies.

However you do it take a little time out during World UFO Day and spend a little time letting yourself being in awe of the unidentified.







2 comments on “Geek Holidays; July 2nd World UFO Day.

  1. alexankarr1
    July 5, 2017

    Sometimes you just WANT TO BELIEVE. I saw a flying saucer while standing in an early-morning bus queue once. I mean the sky was cloudy and it was probably just some military aircraft I couldn’t see clearly, but dammit I WANT TO BELIEVE.

    • davekheath
      July 5, 2017

      Absolutely. And I completely believe you saw something.

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