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New Things I Learned Every Day, May 2017.

month of may


Wow I am running late, it is already June 5th and I just getting out the new things I learned each day for May, but I guess it is an improvement I didn’t even get it out last month. Enjoy.


1st – In Jurassic World Jimmy Buffet can be seen running away from  the dinos with  two large margaritas.


Don’t spill Jimmy.

2Nd – Despite the urban legend the Flag Code doesn’t say to burn the American Flag if it touches the ground.

3rd – Of his over 100 roles in movies only a third of Vincent Prices rolls where in horror movies.

4Th– The Imperial March does not appear until Empire Strike Back.


Dum, Dum, Dum ,Dum, De  Dum

5Th The New Mexico Whiptail, the New Mexico State lizard, is completely made up of females. They have asexual babies who are exact clones of their mothers.


Lizard looks like a lady.

6Th – Oregon has the only state flag that has a different design on the front than it has on the back.

7Th Elvis Presley’s favorite super hero was Captain Marvel Jr.

8Th David Sim worked on 300 issues of Cerbus, the longest unbroken run on any comic book.

9th– At the age of 72 Bella Lugosi, would bring six small hidden bottles of alcohol to AA meetings.

10th A Japanese explorer named Maomi Uemura was the first man to reach the North Pole alone, on April 29, 1978.

Maomi Uemura

11th – The concept of a black belt to show competence and mastery of martial arts was develop in 1880 for Judo.

12th– A 2015 survey had 41% Americans believed dinosaurs and humans existed at the same time, 16% replied they weren’t sue.

stev e and dino

Maybe they saw Jimmy dunning from a dino.

13Th– Civil War general and future president of the United States owned slaves up to the day the 13th Amendment made slavery illegal.

14th  –The city of Beverly Hills got its name from the Beverly Hills Hotel.

15th  -Pulp writer and founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard’s is well known for having participated in the occult project called Baylon working, to summon an aspect of the anti-Crist, but later in life he would claim he was recruited by an clandestine governmental organization to disrupt the project from within and save the world.

16th The novel Lolita was inspired by the poem Anabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe.

17th – The deepest diving shark is the Portuguese Dog Fish.


18th– Natasha Romanov’s, the Black Widows, skintight catsuit was based on 1940’s public domain heroine, Miss Fury’s costume.

miss fury

Who wore it better.

19th– Alexithymia is the inability to express thoughts and emotions in a verbal manor.

20th– During world war two Hedy Lamarr thought it would improve troop moral if the troops had a pill they could put in their canteens and turn the water into a Coke a Cola like soft drink. The problem was she knew nothing about chemistry, so Howard Hughes assigned her two chemist to help her when she was making a movie for him.


More than a pretty face.

21st– Clint Eastwood was once in a plane that crashed at sea and he had to swim three miles to the shore.

22nd– The line that separates the difference between day and night on the Earth is called the terminator.


23rd– The US used approximately three tons of ammo for each insurgent killed in the Afghan War.

24th– If a  man has only one MC1R gene he will have a red beard and a different color hair. If he has two MC1R genes he would be a full redhead.

25th As children Truman Capote and Harper Lee lived next door to each other.

26th if you drilled a whole all the way though the earth and could fall all the way to the other side it would take 42 minutes.

27th – Humming birds hearts can beat up to a 1,000 times a minute.

hb ird

28th – There is  a giant mushroom in Oregon’s Malheur National Forest with a root system that covers over 2,200 acers, making it the world’s largest organism.

29th – The Tale of the Two Lovers, a 15th century best selling erotic romance was actually written by Pope Pius II.

30th – There are 18 different animal shapes in the Animal Crackers cookie zoo!

31st – In the year 2000, Pope John Paul II was named an “Honorary Harlem Globetrotter.”

pope trotter

Sweet Georgia Brown

2 comments on “New Things I Learned Every Day, May 2017.

  1. Brian Bixby
    June 10, 2017

    Glossing a few points:

    3) Vincent Price’s leading role in “The Baron of Arizona” (1950), a movie based on a real-life land fraud scheme, is in the Criterion Collection if you want to see him in a non-horror role.

    6) Massachusetts used to have a flag with a different reverse; Wikipedia says this was eliminated in 1971 (which explains why I’m old enough to remember the old one, sigh).

    13) Grant?

    15) And “rocket man” Jack Parsons, too. Heinlein knew Parsons, but I forget if he knew Hubbard in those days, too.

    And to give you a new fact for today, Presidential assassin Charles Guiteau was a one-time resident of the Perfectionist commune at Oneida, New York, where all the adults practiced complex marriage, in which everyone was married to everyone else. Guiteau complained afterwards that mot of the women didn’t want to be with him.

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