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May the 4th , Star Wars Trivia, 2017 Edition.

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Once again here on earth it is May the 4th AKA Star wars Day. Once again we here at DCotU, present unto ou some little know but fun Star wars trivia to help you celebrate like it was Wookie Life Day.

As a tribute to his friend Steven Spielberg, George Lucas added ET like aliens in to the senate scene of Attack of the Clones. In the SWU they are called Asogians.


ET vote.

Moff Delian Mor is the first canonical gay character in the newly re-booted Star Wars universe. In the novel Lords of the Sith, she is a lesbian Imperial political officer who becomes a spice addict after her lover is killed in an accident. However the most popular LBGT+ character in Star Wars canon is  DCotU Fav, Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra.  In the Darth Vader comics she pretty much hints to having had a relationship with rebel Sana Starros, in Dr Aphra #6, she lets a female Imperial officer live because she thought she was cute. When she was in college she hacked a hologram presentation to make two male warriors make out. parts of Her character and personality are still being unveiled, and it is not clear if she is a lesbian or bisexual. She did have a huge fangirl crush on Darth Vader. She also seems to be the only one. untill his son Luke, that is able to bring out any of the old Anikin personality out of Darth. No wonder he tried to kill her.

Doc Sana

George Lucas originally wanted Orson wells to voice Darth Vader but dropped the idea when he realized that well’s voice might be to recognizable.

orson wells

Rose Bud I am your father

Movie theaters didn’t want to show Star wars, so 20th Century Fox, illegally withheld the movie based on the novel The Other Side of Midnight, if they didn’t show Star Wars too.

other side

Didn’t do as well as Star Wars.

In original scripts of The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda was referred to as Buffy.


Well they do have Nerf herder in common

After Padme dies, she is returned to Naboo for burial, her body has been altered to make it appear like she was still pregnant. This is all part of the plan to keep the existence of Leia and Luke a secret. This ruse is discovered by our girl Aphra, who at Vader’s request tortures and kills the mortician.


Don’t find much better bad girl

In Rogue One, the shuttle that the RO team uses in named SW 0608. I have not seen this anywhere but I always assumed it was supposed to stand for Star wars Eight Movies, Six Pre-Disney.


The Imperial March is not heard until Empire Strikes Back. It is first played when the probe droid are sent out.

joh williams

The man

In The Star wars Holiday Special Bea Arthur is the cantina bartender.


We don’t serve your kind around here.

George Lucas really didn’t have time or the desire to name every extra in Star Wars, so they got unofficial nick names like Hammer Head, Snaggletooth, or the two girls in the green and blue jump suits and corn row hair were referred to as ‘the star whores”. It wasn’t until the advent of WestEend’s Star wars D6 Roleplaying Game that there was a need to flesh out these back ground characters. Lucas pretty much let the game company have carte blanche rights to naming things. When Timothy Zahn wrote the Thrawn Trilogy, he was given a box set of the game and decided to use the game timeline and the terms created for it a starting point. Many of the commonly used Star wars terms, come from the game, like Twi’lek, as well as most cannon names of the aliens in the cantina scene, the complete rules for sabacc and what the cards look like, the history of the creation of the B-Wing fighter, (which was used in an episode of Rebels), and Airen Crakeen, who went from a tie in for RPG source books to canonically the gunner on the Millennium falcon during the Battle of Endor.


6 comments on “May the 4th , Star Wars Trivia, 2017 Edition.

  1. RedBezzleBrand
    May 4, 2017

    Hey Dave, thanks for the follow. There’s some ace trivia here!

  2. Mike
    May 4, 2017

    “Rose Bud I am your father”

    Ha! Good one.

  3. For Tyeth
    May 4, 2017

    Hi Dave, one of those Asogians in your picture is called Senator Grebleips (the other two are aides – just don’t ask me which one is which as they dress so similar to each other!), and their home planet is called Brodo Asogi. I never knew the name of Airen Crakeen.

  4. starwarsanon
    May 5, 2017

    Love this! Good facts.

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