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Goat Watch 2017 Part II



We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog, to bring you Goat Watch 2017 Part II.


Last Friday Ashley Madison (AKA “You know you are my least favorite goat right?), the goat named after bad decisions and lives up to her name, had three beautiful babies, two does and a buck. Momma and kids are doing are all doing well.


Also the goats that are already born have been named.


The two white goats, who had place keeping names of Primero and Segundo, whose mother is Bea, are now named Frisbea and Zobie.



Peanut had one big white buck named Coconut. He weight 9 lbs. 2 oz. that is more than I weighted when I was born.


Hit Gurrrl had two baby girls who are named  Diva Plavalaguna and Leloo Dallas-Multi-Pass, from the Fifth Element.




Next batch expected around Friday, but until then we return you back to DCotU, and talking about Lovecraft, comic books and geek culture.

In case you are not up on the 5th Element.


That is totally not a fake ID.



Rock it like a blue diva.

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