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Learning New Things Everyday January 2017.



So I have this knew thing where I try to learn one knew thing a day, then write it down, I thought I would share those with you. It is only a half a month this time because I started it on the 16th.


16- Due to the cost of sugar Jelly and jams could only be bought by the rich and cost as much as a port irate

17-South Africa is the first country to constitutionally protect gays

18 In The Dark Knight rises Anne Hathaway’s character Selina Kyle is never referred to as Cat woman


An incredibly accurate 3D rendering of cat…Uh I mean Selina

19 Minivar is an ermine whose fur changes during the seasons.


White after Labor Day for the Minivar

20 – There have been 14 vice presidents that have become president.

21- Hemmingway thought that The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was the greatest English language novel ever written.

22 Singer Bishop Briggs took her stage name from the name of the Scottish town where her parents met. She pretty much had to take a pseudonym because her real name is Sarah Mcloughlin


23 The first man to urinate on the moon was Buzz Aldrin


One small wee for man, one large wee for mankind.

24 Under the Hammurabi Code, bartenders who watered down beer were punished by execution.

25 Despite what we all believe the first inter-racial on TV, kiss was not on Star Trek, but between Sammy Davis Jr and Nancy Sinatra.


To boldly go where Sammy and Nancy all ready went

26 in the Marvel comics, Tony Stark’s buddy Rhody was the leader of the west coast Avengers while wearing the silver Centurion suit.

27 Cherophobia is the fear of fun.

28 Mardi gras  or Shrove Tuesday is also Pancake day in England, where people run around in races flipping pancakes.



6 comments on “Learning New Things Everyday January 2017.

  1. Lolsy's Library
    March 1, 2017

    I love this idea!

  2. Archon's Den
    March 1, 2017

    When was sugar that expensive, and what is a ‘port irate’?

    • davekheath
      March 2, 2017

      OK stupid spell checker, it should have been portrate, I got this from a BBC, interview I was listing to when I was driving into work, from a food historian, I’ll look up the interview and get you more details, but may be over the weekend.

      • Archon's Den
        March 2, 2017

        I suppose we’re lucky it wasn’t a ‘portrait’ of the sugar cost. 😆

  3. Caroline
    March 6, 2017

    So many interesting things to learn!

  4. ComputerBook
    May 12, 2017


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