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The 2016 Davies Award Part III


The Best Podcast 2017: And the winner is OPB’s, This is Our Land. For a guy who writes a blog and works on troubleshooting software, I am basically Luddite, and this whole podcast thing escapes me. I started listening to Welcome to Nightvale on YouTube, and though impressed by such things I would hear snippets of like NPR’s Serial, I wouldn’t really try the podcast version.  Even with my doubts about podcasts. I listened in awe to This is Our land.


First had account of what happened to us in Oregon.

What happen last year in Bend Oregon, is complex and frightening. Even with the armed occupiers acquittal, there are still many questions. This is the best thing I heard on the subject. Much of it I had originally heard on OPB as it was unfolding.  I have an acquaintance who refuses to listen to this, because as a NPR affiliate he feel this is the just the government’s point of view, but the reporters talked to these people knew them, called them by first name, the truth is that this is very much an Oregon perspective, a firsthand perspective. Well worth listening to.


Best movie for 2016: And the winner is.  Deadpool. OK, maybe Deadpool isn’t an Oscar contender, but it is fun, and we needed that more than anything else in 2016. That was something that Batman V Superman seriously lacked. Deadpool didn’t try to be something it wasn’t. Sure it was a fan boy’s pipe dream, it was nasty, it was violent and it was funny, that what the Deadpool comics are.  Deadpool had to be R, but that doesn’t mean that more superhero movies should be.  If the source material deserves an R rating then good otherwise, if the spandex doesn’t fit don’t force it. R rated Logan OK I am in, but Batman and the JLA  should stay family friendly PG-13.  Deadpool gets a big shout out for being fun and true to its origins.

Most important pop culture event of 2016. Three seconds in Rogue One. There is this scene during the battle of Scaif that changes the movie for me, and it is only three seconds long. It is the scene when a U-Wing strafes the storm troopers, the Wookie is firing a heavy repeating ion-gun out the window. Look at that scene again, it is so similar to a Vietnam War solider shooting a M-60 put a Huey that it had that it had to be planned to look that way. There has been much made about how the more aggressive rebels under Saw Garrera look like Arabs. But I think the point of the movie is that war kills, and that one man’s freedom fighters is another man’s terrorist, are the Rebel’s the good guys? Are the Empire, are the Storm Troopers just guys who think they are doing their part to bring peace to the galaxy? The point is that war kills the innocent and aggressors.

The first ever Davie life time achievement award  for being a bad girl.  The winner is Tura Santan. This award is brand new and goes for someone whose life time of work (be her real or fictitious) made us stand up and root for the bad girl. And honestly I can’t think of someone who deserves it more than Tura Santana. Her exotic looks came from her Japanese, Filipino, Cheyne Indian and Scots-Irish ancestry, she inherited the best looking attributes of each of those races. With her long black hair and her plunging neck line she put the sex, in the sexploitation movies of the 60’s. She became an icon playing the psychotic man killer, Varla in the classic Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill.


So how hard core is this chick, she grew up in the Manzanar Interment camp during World War Two, led an ethnically diverse all woman’s biker gang as a  teen, she turned down a marriage proposal from Elvis Presley, when she was ten she was raped by a group of men who allegedly bribed the judge to get a not guilty verdict, so she studied martial arts, turned fifteen, tracked them down seduced them to be alone and beat the holy crap out of them, only then did she reveal who she was. Now remember this wasn’t a character she played this was her real life.


FPKK is a classic because of Satana. She came up with her character’s makeup, costume, fighting style and many of her lines where adlibbed.  She personifies the danger and deadliness of unbridled passion.

Though she would occasionally work in movies later in life, she was shot by a lover, and decides to study nursing and spends the end of her life helping people, in hospitals and being an LAPD dispatcher. In 2011, she died of heart failure, despite this on occasion when I am traveling in California Desert, I swear I can feel  the ghost of Tura Santana in the air.



Still awesome in old age.

The first ever life time achievement for being a bad mammer jammer award:  And the winner is Walter Kovacs AKA Rorschach. A while back my facebook status read “Someone asked me if there was a conservative I liked, and I answered, yes, Rorschach, and he voted for Nixon four times.” This sex fearing, alt-right, hard case may be the best comic book character ever created.


Rorschach is played to perfection in the Watchmen movie by Jackie Earle Haley. The only mask not to give in when congress outlawed being a superhero. He was the one superhero who would not stop fighting even though it was illegal. Like all heroes from the Watchmen universe (except Dr. Manhattan), his only real power is willpower and determination. He never gives up even when it is in his best interest.  His last words “Do it!” still sends shivers down my back.


Watchmen is basically a character driven story, and Rorschach is the most interesting character of the group. A loner who has driven all his friends away, because he won’t compromise. His mother was a prostitute and he has a lifelong hatred of sex because of it. His mask was supposed to be skirt for Kitty Genovese, before she died. He is the dark side of America. He is the embodiment of the frustrations in war against crime.  There is no place for him in Adrian’s new world, but still even after his death, he gets the finial laugh.

One of the things I loved about Rorschach is that his story has been self-contained in the 1986 Watchmen story. However things are changing. There is now a Before Watchmen, mini-series that tells the back story of R and his crew. Which though I have not read, the concept isn’t too bad. However now with some kind of ret-con universe warping, the Watchmen are coming to DC’s main universe. (Until then it has always been a separate universe, or a comic book read by The Question, in the prime DC world) I am not sure if I like this, we will have to see what comes. I like Rorschach as he was, in a single story, not trying to out Batman, Batman. Still he is awesome and a real bad mad jammer.

batman and flash.jpg

The Best New Goat: And the Winner Is Kamala Khan. This is the daughter of my Goat Claes. She is named after the Muslim American Marvel heroine. She was an almost all brown and looks like no goat that has ever been born here in GetFooLA farms. Like her mother she is super smart. When I bring the girl goats there food, all the other goats rush to the bucket, but she is smart enough that she head to wear she knows I will pour it. Another smart goat descendant for team Claes.


Kamala Khan exploring the snow.

Best New Animal, non-Mammal:  The winner is Abby Normal. Do you know what a Turken is, hint is is also known as a Transylvanian Naked neck, bigger hint, it is a type of chicken. And it looks like it was designed by Dr. Frankenstein.   For three years I wanted one of these cool birds. When GetFooLA farms finial got one we named it Abby Normal after the stolen brain from Young Frankenstein.


And she was an awesome chicken. When I would milk the goats she would jump on the gats back. The goats were confused at first, but they seemed OK with it after a while, and Abby would ride around on them. Abby was a stubborn bird and refused to sleep in the chicken coup, and insisted on sleeping in the barn. Unfortunately a skunk got in the barn and killed her. That was a terrible loss, and haven’t quite brought myself to getting another turken. I’m Just not sure that a new one would be as cool as Abby was.


Best Goat: And the winner is Treasure. A third gen daughter of Red Sky, poor Treasure broke one of her legs. The thing is she never once complained. I guess if you are an herbivore and making noise will excite predators, you just learn how to mask pain. She was a trooper as she got a cast on her leg and is now up and about.


Treasure with a cast.

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