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The 2016 Davie Awards Part I.


OK, I apologize not only is this late it is only half done. Things have been very busy and taking a lot of energy, so here is the first half, of The 2016 Davies. I know I haven’t gotten you your favorite part the best in livestock.  Promise Part II next week (maybe).

2016 has been a rough year. Even people who had a good year have said it wasn’t easy. But the year wasn’t completely without high points. So here in our underground bunker we at DCotU, struggle to bring you the best in 2016, pop culture ad farm animals.

The trailer that makes me think that all movies in 2017 will not suck award. And the winner is:  Logan. This is why we sat through two sub-par Wolverine movies. Hugh Jackman’s swansong as the grumpy X-man looks like it will be amazing. Sure we have fallen for a lot of amazing looking trailers,from less than stellar movies (I am looking at you  Suicide Squad) But I am willing to give this movie a chance just on the trailer.  First of it has the best musical cover ever. (Sorry Trent fans, but Johnny Cash’s version tops NIN’s)   Patrick Stewart is back as Professor-X with  Alzheimer. The Revers and X-23. The story seems based on Old Man Logan, but without all the Hulk inbreed   children. I am in.

Best comic book arc of 2016. And the winner is: Two Girls, One Tank. Even if you are not a Tank Girl fan, this is an amazing and emotional arc. Tank Girl is supposed to be the irreverent title about girl power quips and mutant Kangaroo sex. Well sure it has that but 2G1T is way more. If you are a long time Tanky fan just be prepared to go on an emotional roll coaster ride that will leave your heart in knots.


This tank isn’t big enough for the two of us.

The Superhero I most wished was real in 2016 award. And the winner is  Vera Yalinko AKA Red One. Beautifully drawn by Terry Dodson, and lettered by his wife Rachel, both of Portland. It is written by French ubber-comic book writer Xavier Dorison. It tells the story of a 1970’s Soviet special op and her attempt to become America’s only  real superhero and win the hearts and minds of the American people.


Red One saving America and looking hot at the same time.

Vera is a very sexual being but also very principled. She won’t sleep with party members no matter how much they might  order her. But that seventy year old man who just risked his life to save a pregnant girl is looking pretty good to her. Her enemies claim that they are making America better by killing off sexual deviants. I am sure that when Xavier wrote this he couldn’t have imagined, how art would imitate life with Russia trying to influence the opinion of the average Americans.


Terry Dobson signing my copy of Red One.

But the reason I want Vera to be real is not because as you might think, that  she kind of digs nerds, but I have a transgender daughter, who was attacked on the streets of Berkley. Though there plenty of people around, all they did was take out their cell phones and film it. They didn’t even call 911. She is OK, but no one lifted a finger to help. And when the regular people won’t left a finger, that is when we need super heroes. So forget you, Bat Man or you Captain America, when it comes to protecting the ones I love, from people who think they are doing ‘God’s Work” I’ll take  my heroines in a red skin tight catsuit, a Russian accent and bit of a wild side.

Best new bad girl of 2016. And the winner is Doctor Aphra.  She is the first non-movie character to get her own title since Marvel took back writing Star Wars comics. She is part Indiana Jones and part Boba Fett, a mercenary archeologist, who hangs around a crazed Wookie and a couple of assassin droids. She does have some human qualities, but she is best described as an anti-hero.


Cute but cunning.

One of the things I love about the good Doctor (Review pending her academic degree since she faked the evidence she used in her thesis) is that unlike many comic book characters she has a realistic body type and is not blonde and lily white. And well that helmet and goggles really does it for me.

Best New Good Girl of 2016: And the winner is Faith Herbert AKA Zephyr. This overweight hero was introduced in Valiant basically as butt of fat jokes.  Well she returns in 2016 under the pen of Jody Houser with art by Francis Portella and Marguerite Sauvage, this zaftig heroine is no laughing stock now. She maybe over weight but is completely relateable. She has become a fan favorite because we see the beauty in her that is more than skin deep.


Have a little Faith

Now officially, neither Aphra or Faith are new, since Dr. Aphra first appeared in 2015 Darth Vader Comics, and Faith in 2012 Valiant, but they both get an exemption since their own comics didn’t come out till 2016. Faith is grateful, that we made an exemption in her case, and Aphra, just lied, forged a different date and claimed she didn’t know what we talking about.

Best Character I kind of liked before, but really grew on me in 2016: And the Winner is Philip Coulson. Clark Craig has been the every-man with the heart of a superhero since 2008’s Iron Man. He has grown from exposition, from comic relief, from martyr, from spy, from father figure, from Director of SHIELD, to a character that I really care about. We learn a lot about the guy, like me, he was a history major, he loves WW II spy tech, collected Captain America trading cards, and is a gamer. The character has really grown and grown on me. He not perfect, he has made mistakes, losing his composure and killing Grant Ward, let the even worst Hive in to our universe, but when he takes the time to think about it he, almost always makes the right call. I love the paternal relationship he has with Daisy “Skye” Johnson, so genuine that even her own psycho father had to admit it was real.  How he deals with the adorable geekiness of the Fitz-Simmons. How he is a confidant and a friend to Melinda “The Cavalry” May, and can reach her in ways no one else can sense her husband died. How he treats Mac as an equal but can still teach him a thing or two. The new bionic arm gives him an edge against super badies, but doesn’t take way his humanity.


Someone has to say “You better run while you still can…”

The Best continuing TV show for 2016: And the winner is  Dust to Dawn, the series. Who’d of thought we get three sessions of compelling TV form a Terentino/Rodriquez vehicle that was not Grind House? Who’d though that they would write so well to make me care about Ritchie Gecko, in any other way than how will he might die horribly and painfully.


No longer a slave to the man

DtD;tS.  is an ensemble show, where you care about the cast. The blood sucking vampires, may be evil but they still have bits of their humanity. Ritchie is no longer the psycho rapists that was played by QT. You see how all his life he has been trying to get under his big brothers shadow, and when he gets a chance to let preacher’s kid Kate live he tries his hardest to save her.. Santanica  Pandemonium, is no longer just the hot bait to bring in man-blood, but the victim of half a millennium of male abuse. Even a vampiric Elden “Sex Machine” Tanner, creates a vampire family he truly cares about. They are not innocent, or even good, but are complex. The humans have their flaws too, Seth kills his lover in cold blood, because she betrays them, Freddie “The Peace Keeper” Ramirez has to get drunk to sleep. And sweet innocent Kate, lets in an evil worse than vampires in an attempt to try to save her brother Scott.

Though an ensemble series the second season (On the El Rey network in 2015, and Netfix in 2016) is especially effective is that it switched around each episode what main characters took the main spot lite in each episodes. Kate and Seth, one week, Santanica and Ritchie the next, Freddie and Sex Machine another, then followed by Scott and Carlos, then mixes them all up again liek a square dance.. This kept it fresh, of course towards the end we had to see a reunion of Los Hermonos Gecko.


Who needs Buffy when you got Los Hermonos Geckos.


8 comments on “The 2016 Davie Awards Part I.

  1. Sarah
    January 18, 2017

    I’d like to say I’ve imagined myself as a mix between Red One and Zephyr, but here on Earth I’m classified as a human being. I love reading your reviews.

    • davekheath
      January 19, 2017

      Well there are worst things than being a human I guess. And hey 50-50 Red one and Zephyr might just be the best of both worlds. thanks.

  2. tessa tells all
    January 18, 2017

    I think I love you. As I’ve said before…it’s like you’re in my head.
    So sorry to hear about the attack on your daughter. Sending love and healing❤

    • davekheath
      January 19, 2017

      TY very much Tess, and honestly your head is an interesting place.

      • tessa tells all
        January 19, 2017

        It usually is, Dave. It’s how I keep these tawdry tales on tap!

  3. atthematinee
    January 20, 2017

    What did you think of Logan’s second trailer? Do you ever write about this stuff on any movie websites?


    • davekheath
      January 21, 2017

      Oh I loved it. If for no other reason the Girl who plays the new X-23 looks just like my daughter, when she was that age. I am so in for this movie. I really think after seeing the two trailers, that we are not going to get burned this time. No I just write here, but if you know another website that needs a hand let me know. for mine, but if you a movie website that needs a hand let me know.

      • atthematinee
        January 25, 2017

        That’s awesome! I really hope you’re right and we finally get a great Wolverine movie. Actually, I was wondering if you might be interested in sharing some writing on Moviepilot. Let me know if you’d have any interest!


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