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YouTube Videos that Give me a Lift When I am Down.




ME: Sorry I have been o busy that I haven’t been able to right anything this week, so instead I am going to share some YouTube that always left me up when I am down.

Reader: Come on Dave, you been slacking lately, you need to stop doing these cheesy YouTube posts.

ME: Sorry I been burry, with work, and the holidays and the farms and my life and all.

Reader: Too busy to write a post, what did you today?

ME: I spent the morning castrating goats.

Reader: Uh, really?

Me: Uh, yup.

Redder: OK, we will cut you some slack this time, but we really need some original stuff next week.

Me: Sure thing, so with that note, here are some things I watch when I need to feel better.


Mafia Meeting AKA Space Pants.


OK after three or four decades SNL is getting a little long in the tooth. But this bit with Peter Dinklage is amazing, every time I watch it I smile, and how about Gwen she is awesome in this.


Float by Flogging Molly


This is the song that I listened too after the election. It takes a So Cal Punk band from Ireland to remind me that we shouldn’t throw everything out because of….Well you know.



College Humor does the Purge.



College Humor is always good for a laugh. This is their first take on the movie franchise The Purge. I love how they try to apply logic to a movies that whole idea is there is nothing logical about the world we live in. warning this does have some graphic language and CGI violence. This is  the first of a whole series CH did on The Purge.


Not Too Soon By Throwing Muses


Need a peppy little song sung by a cute as a button singer? Look no farther, this is a great little pick me up in verse. But no so sweet it gives you diabetes. The upbeat tune can turn my day around.


Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 trailer.


OK, no way this is going to be good as the first. Next year this time we say it going too suffered from sequelitis, let’s just   hope it doesn’t suck. But until then let’s giggle over an intelligent raccoon giving a baby plant thing an atomic bomb and Drax thinking inappropriate things are funny.


Hypocrite by Lush



The 90S 4AD sound with a British twist. And how can you not love Miki Berenyi’s maraschino red hair. I regret that I didn’t see them when they played Portland a few months ago, and it looks like  the band might have its second break up so who knows if they will be back next year but I keep myself satisfied with this video.


Welcome to Night Vale


I love the show about a town where all conspiracy theories are true. Originally this was a pod cast, but I am not sure I am tech savvy enough to download a pod cast, so thank the Glow Clad that you can hear all the episodes on Youtube.


Kelly Landry.



She is cute and funny and is going to survive the zombie apocalypse. Standup comedian and YouTube star Kelly Landry has done a lot with Equals Three Studio. Her six things (Later 10 things) are funny and well researched. She was also in the Fred video The Baby Sitter is a vampire, as the titular vamp.  Again language warning.















Smart, cute, funny and diffidently not a vampire


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