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Awesome Star Wars Vids.



I miss G4.

In case you missed it there is an election going on. And well it makes me sick. My gosh I have never seen such mudslinging and well out and out lies. I retreat to my happy place, my happy place is… A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. So here are some Star Wars videos to make you feel better.

Now the net is full of Star Wars homages so if I missed your favorite add it to the list.

Let’s face it commercials are sometime better that what you tuned into to watch. How many people say they only watch the Super Bowl for the ads? Here are some classic Star wars ads for everything from, ice tea, video games and GPS’s. And hey is that chubby Star Lord fighting Darth in underwear?

This is arguably the best fan made SW film ever! George Lucas is pretty much hated by fans. I mean he went from genius to the physical incarnation of Harlan Ellison. But hey it is easy to remember that he is a  human, who suffered all the foibles that humans do, such as writers block, being bully, and finding out that your true love is really…Uh just watch it and have fun.

I love College Humor. They are dead on with world events and pop cultures, from there take on sexy elves, The Purge, or Daria the Movie. Back in there early days they had this classic star Wars spoof, that make me laugh out loud even today. warning it wouldn’t post the one I wanted to. This is funny but there is a mild swear word at the end.


I love Sarah Jean Underwood., since her days as the news reader on Attack of the Show. There is no doubting that this former Play Mate of the Year is a big SW geek. Here she mocks the saga, while giving it a tribute, with a side order of sexy.

It is easy to forget how good a musician Weird Al is. And as I remember it he had this a week out after the Phantom menace. It is a tribute both to Star wars but also the 70’s rock classic American Pie. And let’s face it, he tells the story better than the movie told it.

It is an old comedy Trope, hey let’s put some one from a fantastic world in ours. But here my man Chad pulls it off. And you ae left wondering just who is the odd man out him or 7 Billion earthlings?

Remember when G4 was the coolest TV channel even if you didn’t like video games. Darth Sidious as a telemarketer. LOVE IT!

Speaking of cool geeky tribute, you got to give a tip of the hat to the dudes at Robot Chicken. They have several specials but my favorite is Panda Baba’s Bad Day., so that was what he was saying the whole time.

Bad Lip Reading Theater is great, but this is their best. OK to get it you need to know that they did a Star wars spoof and this line keep coming up so why not make a musical number out of it. Hey it looks like that could be what they are saying or singing.

Suprisngly a lot of nerds have never heard of The Star Wars Holiday Special. The show so bad it only aired once it and Lucas claimed “He wished he had a sledge hammer to smash every copy of it.”  His phalanx of storm-lawyers have done a p[retty good job keeping it off the net, but as of last night there are two versions of it on You Tube. It comes and goes so it is always hit or miss, but other than seeing Bea Arthur as a Tatooinie bar tender, Han pitch a storm trooper of a balcony and  Carrie Fisher high as kite the only thing worth seeing in that show is the first appearance of Boba Fett in this carton.

Wonder what it would be like if Star wars was a spaghetti western, wonder no more.

And finialy let’s root for the bad guys in this anime inspired epic.


5 comments on “Awesome Star Wars Vids.

  1. Lolsy's Library
    November 6, 2016

    I’ve decided to do a full on social media blackout for the next couple of days, I just don’t want to know,lol

    • davekheath
      November 7, 2016

      I can understand that. The last few days the mud slinging has been so bad.

  2. aaforringer
    November 7, 2016

    This Robot Chicken was my fav.

  3. For Tyeth
    November 8, 2016

    Greetings davekheath, You have great taste in SW tribute material! My two favourites are the Bad Lip Reading “Bushes” and the wonderful Weird Al “The Saga Begins”. (Lucas in Love deserves an honourable mention though).

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