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My Top 5(+1) Popular Posts.

top 5


As of today August 21st 2016, my Blog Dave’s Corner of the universe has had 45,338 views. Now I am well aware that as blogs go that is considered the lower end of success. And that for the first two and half years my most popular post was my homepage 9about a third of total views) . Still it is better than I really could have hoped for when I started this.


This is a list of my top five posts (+1 because well that is how I roll) out of 200+ posts.  They are not necessarily the ones I had the most fun writing or the ones that mean the most to me. That is another post. Today we are just looking at numbers.


I would feel pretty amiss if I did not say some words of thanks to you the reader. Behind each one of these numbers is a person who took time out of their day to read something that I wrote. So thank you very much.


#1: Is the Cthulhu Mythos Real? Total views -3824. This is my flag ship post. The reason It gets so many views is if type in ‘Is the Cthulhu Mythos real’ in google 90% of the time you get this post. I get 13-25 hits a day from google. I get about the same numbers for all my other posts, and they tend to be random and almost never the same ones from day to day. I do not claim that I understand the non-Euclidean geometry powered search engines, but I am grateful for this. This success pretty much kept me from giving up on the whole writing thing. It also helps that I live in the outskirts of Portland and telling people to type “Is the Cthulhu Mythos real’ into a search engine and they pull up something I wrote gets me a bit of faux-celebrity cred.


Some things are better as fiction.


Recently I pulled it up from a computer I wasn’t logged into in WordPress and it came up with an add encouraging you to donate to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Now I have no pull in what appears or do I get any money from the ads, I guess it could be worse.



#2 Death in Comic Books. Total views – 1189. This post came to me after listening to someone on NPR saying that the revolving door view on death in comic books was actually effecting how we think about death in reality.   90% of the view came in November 2014, the month after I published it. This came form me posting it on Redit. Redit is a nut I can’t crack sometimes I get huge results from it and sometimes I get nothing. But it is a tool that I would suggest that any blogist use to increase their number of views. Hopefully I get a hand on how to use it soon.


He’s grieving.


#3 Interviewing the Fictitious: Harley Quinn. Total views-1089. The clown princes of crime scored nearly double the number of views her Beloved Mistah J and the Bats got combined. We love are bad girls here at DCotU, and apparently so does our readers. Most came out six months after I published it but some more trickle in due to the release of the Suicide Squad Movie. I really should try to capitalize on that but with a follow up interview, but you know life gets in the way.


We do love the bad girls.


#4 Interviewing the Fictitious: Lando Calrissian. – Total views-501. I wrote this before Episode VII. And I’m still shocked that there was no Lando, in that whole dang movie. I am even more surprise when Rebles is bringing in Wedge, Darth Maul and Grand Admiral Thrawn, we still don’t get any Lando. I am looking forward to seeing those three but come on guys this is LANDO! And it’s like you are treating him like he didn’t exist.   Oh well I am sure he will get his own standalone movie sooner or alter.

Lando ape

It is all about the cape.


#5 Women in Comic Books who are more than Skin Deep #2: Amanda Waller.  Total views- 490.  This post is also getting a small bump with the release of The Suicide Squad movie.  Since I wrote this she has appeared on Arrow and said movie. The Wall is the ultimate comic book woman because she isn’t like the stereotypical comic book gal. At 200 lbs (Yea, I believe that when I see your driver’s license) dark skin and won’t back down.  She is one of the few people who will go toe to toe with Batman in an argument and win!   The New 52 may have made her god looking but they kept her attitude.

amanda waler

Lay down the Law, Wall


Honorable mention number 6. The Secret Origins of DCU’s Arkham Asylum. Total views; 469. I threw this one in because I love it so much. This is the closest to any actual investigative reporting that I have ever done. Last February I went Portland’s wizard World and asked the legionary Denny O’Neil if there was a connection between DC comics Arkham Asylum, and the one in Cthulhu Mythos, he seem to beam when he told me about how closely comics of the 70’s where connected to the pulps of the 20’s & 30’s.




Arkham Asylum Founded in 1938 by Robert E. Howard.

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