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The Adventures of Miss Miniver Issue One.

cover missminver


Last February I wrote about the independent comics that I had bought at Portland Wizard World. Well this week one of my investment paid off with great dividends. My copy of The Adventures of Miss Miniver, arrived in the mail, signed by Penciler, Liz Dion, Inker, John D Hallet and Miss M. herself.


Miss Miniver at Portland Wizard World.


The story fallows Miss Miniver a cosplayer along with her friend ALU, an air breathing talking octopus. First of all Miss Miniver do not sue me, I have had a short story with a bio-engineered spy octopus as a main character and  book about cosplayers being kidnapped by aliens to become the heroes that they are dressed as in the works for a while, you are just more ambitious than me and beat my stories to publication.


The job of the first issue is to introduce the characters. ALU, is an air breathing talking octopus that plays Jiminy Cricket to M’s Pinocchio. She wants to spend the rent money on comics and he argues for restraint. She is the id and ALU is the superego. It works a lot better than I thought it might from the promo information, and ALU surprisingly became my favorite of Minver’s companions.


This includes a cranky neighbor Mr. Y, two strange children that live in her apartment, Ro who helps enable her cosplayer lifestyle by sneaking her in to cons and loaning her clothes. Tom who sells comics in the park like a hot dog vender and Janice checker playing park denizen who reminds me of the wise man form Sucker Punch.


As a character Miss Minver is between the hot girl in high school you had a crush on, and the little sister you wanted to protect.  A total nerd, in the good way she is full of geek asides form LOTR  to Douglas Adams. Her comic obsession comes off as larger interpretation of the reader’s.


The first issue is primarily character driven introducing us to the unique people who live in this slightly different quirky Seattle. But that is basically expected in an introduction issue, and Miss Miniver said that the next issue will be highly story driven. The last few pages give some hints to people who have never attended a comic con before. The art is very solid. On all it is a good product especially for a first effort.


You can get the comic book for $6.00 at Committed Comics.





I am glad that I got the special pre-release package. In addition to a signed copy, I got a Raiders of the Lost Arc, alternative cover poster, a signed photo of her cosplaying Gwen Pool. Four buttons and some extra signed posters. The best part were the enthusiastic video  updates that showed how excited she was about the project.  Defiantly worth the extra fourteen bucks.



Gwen Pool

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