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Horror Stories in a Song

sarah sin

Sarah “Sin” Blackwood


A  while back I did a post on science fiction songs in a song, today it is going to be horror stories in a song. Folk music has a lot of songs about monsters and deadly rogues. Modern music on occasion tells the story of something horrific or mysterious. Some of these songs may be more urban fantasy than horror. I picked songs that I though theyt told a horror or supernatural story and that I liked. (Except when I broke the rules)


Monster Mash. This is a novelty song by Bobby “Boris” Pickett, and his band Cordials (later re-branded as the Crypt-Kickers), that still gets play rotation on Halloween. Pickett would introduce some of the songs when he was touring in a Boris Karloff voice and the crowd would go crazy. That led him to write a song that, could be sung in the Karloff style. I chose the Misfits version because punk is cool.  This version was made in 1992,  VHS release of The Mad Monster Party.


The New Monster Mash.  This comes from the internet artists The Key of Awesome, and well they have a point. The original thirties and forties horror movies had an elegance to them (When they were not inundated with camp). Now it is about blood and gore effects. Me for one I prefer suspense to gruesome effects and jump scares. (Minor swear words)


Rolland the Headless Thompson Gunner. Warren Zevon is probably better known for his other horror ditty, Werewolves of London, but this is the classic tale of a ghost looking for revenge, as well as a warning of the treachery of war, and the spread of militaristic ideologies. This song was co-written by David Lindell who was a mercenary in several African bush wars.


The Garden. If you didn’t listen to the words you might think that this song by The Creepshow is about love instead of death. Well actually it is about both. Part of the Psychobilly movement it combines the upbeat tunes of rockabilly with dark supernatural themes. This song is both beautiful and eerily haunting.   The heart of the band has always been two sisters, this was Jen “Hell Cat” Blackwood (the red head) last song with the band, and she now has a band called Hellcat and the Prowl. Her sister, Sarah “Sin” Blackwood took over lead vocals, but found internet success and a lot of money with Walk off the Earth, so she has covered up the tattoos and is making a big name for herself doing covers on Youtube. In 2012 Kendra “Twisted” Lagaspi took over vocals for the band.

Kenda Twisted Legaspi

Kendra “Twisted” Lagaspi


Wolf like Me. This is TV on the Radio’s song about werewolves in love.  Though they have been around since 2001, this song released in 2006 is the bands break out song and has been used in many medias including  TV shows, such as Alphas, Criminal Minds,  Bones, The Vampire diaries and CSI: Miami, movies such as Never Back Down, Seven Sunny Days, Kill Your Darlings and Detention as well as the video game Project Gotham Racing IV, and a Nike Olympics’ commercial.


Twisted Nerve. OK, I kind of cheated on this one. Most people know this song from Terintino’s Kill Bill Vol, 1. But the eerie whistle tune came from a movie about a psycho Killer called The Twisted Nerve. Last week I was getting gas at a station and this song came from out of nowhere (Probably someone’s cell phone) and it sent shivers down my spine.


Haunted: OK this song is more about relationships and uses supernatural allusions than a true horror song, but hey when it is sung by someone who took her stage name form Edgar Allen Poe, well it gets a  little slack.  The entire album Haunted by Poe as inspired by her finding a box with tapes of her dead father’s voice on it and how it affected her. Now that is a creepy yet interesting story.


Lovecraft in Brooklyn. Like most of The Mountain Goats songs this one deals with alienation and felling separated from the masses. It is more about someone who identifies with Lovecraft’s xenophobia and seclusion. But it uses HPL more as an allusion with references to The Deep Ones the Mi-gos.



Promo art for The Mountain Goats Lovecraft in Brooklyn.


Don’t Fear the Reaper. If you are like me you hear this Blue Oyster cult song and immediately think… “Needs more cowbell.” But this song is about the personification of death. It was also one of the first things where I remember hearing in media  the concept of death was not evil or bad.


Nature trail to Hell. Hey horror can be funny, the novels of Charles Stross or the original Ghost Busters . So I am going to leave you with this Weird Al Classic, as a plus I picked a video full of scenes from supernatural so you can see what Nature trail to hell might look like if it was filmed with good looking people.



19 comments on “Horror Stories in a Song

  1. aaforringer
    July 24, 2016

    Loved the New Monster Mash, never heard that before.

    • davekheath
      July 24, 2016

      Yeah I just found that one looking for the origional on Youtube. Funny but it has a point too.

  2. Mike
    July 24, 2016

    Great selections. How about “Timothy” by the Bouys? Bon appetite!

    • davekheath
      July 24, 2016

      I have to admit I had never heard that one before so I had to look it up. Good choice. The next song that came up in Youtube was The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and if you think of natural horror that is a good one too.

    • davekheath
      October 29, 2016

      Thanks for recommending Timothy to me I am including it in Horror Stories in a Song Part II and of course will give credit where credit is due.

  3. Dennis the Vizsla
    July 25, 2016

    I like that Creepshow song, I will have to check them out! It also kind of makes me want to go listen to the song “Creepshow” by Kerli …

    • davekheath
      July 25, 2016

      I think the best song Sarah “Sin” Blackwood as lead vocal is They All fall Down. Check out what little sis can do. More punk but an awesome video.

  4. Nice one on going with the Misfits version of Monster Mash! Best version there is.

    Also Wednesday 13 lyrics are a treasure trove for horror and sci-fi references.

  5. Brian Bixby
    July 27, 2016

    Now here’s an unlikely source for a subtly spooky song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg9U-jQjYlU

    • davekheath
      July 27, 2016

      Wow that was perfect, I hadn’t heard that one.

  6. Matt&April
    August 9, 2016

    The Creepshow is an amazing band. Have you listened to Horrorpops or Kittie in a Casket?

    • davekheath
      August 10, 2016

      Yes, they are good also, of the three Creepshow is my favorite, but I do like the other two. I just thought for space I would only include one psychobilly song.

  7. Matt&April
    August 10, 2016

    You should check out my friend’s band, Rebel Flesh. They’re a horror punk band out of Austin, TX. They’ve got 2 albums out not and are coming out with their third soon. I reviewed their second album. Great band if you like the Misfits or the Cramps.

  8. Brian Bixby
    October 28, 2017

    FYI, yesterday my girlfriend was putting together a list of songs to play at a Halloween party tonight, so I showed her a few from this post of yours and your follow-up. I know she decided to use at least one of them, “Nature Trail to Hell.” So, thanks, and know that some of your posts just keep on giving!

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