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The Goat is Trying to Tell You Something.


a lot of goats

Many of you know that I live on a goat farm. So it should not surprise anyone that my Facebook page often has goat related posts on it. Here are two that hit my feed in the last 24 hours.






My sister who is a better goat farmer than me  says that it is obvious that these researchers haven’t spent much time with goats or they wouldn’t have been so shocked by how communitive goats are.


A classic example of this Is when one of goats named Nose, got his head stuck in a hole in a fence. His mother and out heard queen Hit Grrrl began braying and jumping up and down, until my mom realized that Hit Grrl was having a “Timmy fell down a well” moment.  My mom fun d the errant goat and with my help and we freed Nose, and HG calmed down.


By the way I posted that story on the NPR  facebook  feed, and my mothers adventures with the gats has gotten over 25 likes.


mom and Emma

My mom and daughter Emma, and the goats.

Claes my personal goat who has been proven by science to be the world’s smartest goat, (Legal disclaimer scientific claim of being world smartest goat is not valid outside GetFooLA property.) so it makes since that she would also be the most communitive of goats.  When I would walk in to the barn in the morning she would lead the other goats in chants that sound like “The maaan, the maaan,  the maaan…”



claes the world’s smartest goat. 

As a young little goat I would hold her in my arms feed her with a bottle, listen to punk rock music and watch The Clone Wars. Eventually she got too big and was no longer allowed into the house. Claes would stand outside and look through the windows forlornly. She also has this look that I call the “you have not feed me resins recently.”   Look.


I live on a farm where goats outnumber the homosapients six to one. And I can tell you they all have a unique personality and way of communicating. If you are lucky enough, visit a farm and spend some time with these magnificent animals and say hi.




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  1. Olaf Lesniak
    July 10, 2016


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