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The Philadelphia Experiment Part II: My Connection


bruda triangle

When I wrote Part I of my post on the Philadelphia experiment, I said the next thing I was going to write about was my personal connection. This started in 1978, when my family saw the movie Bermuda Triangle. It was a rare experience for us all to go to a movie back then. My Mother, father, sister and I, all piled into our car and watched the Sun Classics movie in a drive in.


Brad Crandall Narrator of The Bermuda Triangle


I absolutely loved the movie despite that it was low budget production, even by 1978 standards. Former radio personality Brad Crandall’s deep booming voice leant a feeling of truth and urgency as he narrated the vignettes about the triangle’s mysteries. I noticed that the planes in the Flight 18, portion kept changing between different kinds of World War Two era navy aircraft. Also it occurred to me that two key portions of the movie, the Philadelphia experiment and the crash of Kentucky Air National Guard pilot Capt. Thomas Mantel, took place nowhere near the Bermuda Triangle.

flight 18

Missing Flight 18.



I got a second hand copy of Berlitz’s book, and even dida seventh grade book report on it. I loved that book and my youthful mind took every page as gospel. I took the stories with in its page as truth with almost no critical consideration. Not only was I sure that the story of the USS Eldridge was real, I was going to replicate the experience and prove to the world it was true.


Charles Berlitz author and linguist


I had come up with a plan to take a Sprite can connect it to a wooden board and attach two electromagnetic generators, this would, I was sure open a portal to another dimension. All I had to do was explain to my parents the validly of my experiment, and convince them to get me a couple electromagnetic generators, and entice them to let me put my contraction in the local harbor, and then convince them that I would not be electrocuting myself and dozens of innocent fish.


I kept trying to work out the nuances of my experiment, then one day riding home from school on the bus, it hit me, if it was that easy, then someone in the last thirty years would have already done it. I put away my ideas about opening an aquatic extra-dimensional portal. This was the first time that I put a paranormal story under the scrutiny of logic.  It was a major move forward in my rational development. But at the same time it was kind of a sad moment. It wasn’t just my naiveté that ended, but part of my youth.


The USS Eldridge


Now a days I am pretty much agnostic towards anything that has to do with the paranormal. I am strong believer in science and logic, but I admit that there is a beauty and a pleasure that comes from taking something purely on faith.


I recently watched on Youtube, The Bermuda Triangle again, and well that one little bit about the Philadelphia experiment, was chalked full of inaccuracies.  It said that the letters that Jessup got were signed Carl Allen, yes they were written by Carl Allen but he used the pseudonym Carlos Allende. It called Jessup, Dr. Jessup, he had a master’s degree astronomy, but did not have a PhD. It is claimed that three months of the Eldridge’s log is missing, this is simply not true. It is implied Carl Allen  claimed to be a scientist working on the project. Though he wrote a lot of letters from referent perspectives, even hinting that he was in fact an alien, Allen’s letters to Jessup in the beginning insisted he was a deck hand on another ship. It also said the codename of the plane to make the Eldridge invisible was The Philadelphia Project, Allen actually claimed it was codenamed Operation Rainbow. Finally Brad Crandall was on a ship that he indicates is the Eldridge, but since the ship was sold to the Greeks in 1951, its doubtful he was on her.


Morris K Jessup author of The Case for the UFO


Honestly the blatant errors, endears The Burma Triangle to me even more. I don’t take it as evidence of a real event but rather kitschy almost naive fun. It tells us more about the Me decade than the paranormal. I enjoy the movie’s lets tell a story and damn the facts attitude. Sure it bothers me that  some people see this as a true story, but if I can figure it out at 12, I guess most people can too.

The full 1979, Bermuda Triangle  movie on Youtube





7 comments on “The Philadelphia Experiment Part II: My Connection

  1. leggypeggy
    May 30, 2016

    There’s enough ‘proof’ on the internet to confirm that people do believe this stuff and keep it going. Nice post.

    • davekheath
      May 30, 2016

      Thank you. And though I am sure that this is a hoax, I really don’t want to take away form anyone who does believe.

  2. thelastfurlong
    May 31, 2016

    Don’t think there is paranormal. Paranormal is just “normal” that WE don’t understand. The fact that scientists are still trying to explain the odd things that happen there means that odd things happen there! My mother was in a plane there in 1946, in a clear sky, when it dropped thousands of feet. All the passengers found themselves with their heads on the ceiling of the plane. This was before the days of seat belts and plane “safety”. The captain was seriously unsettled, not to mention the passengers!

    I am busy watching the movie Charles Berlitz’s The Bermuda Triangle (1979) Full Movie that you posted. What fun! Never seen it before. I have the book – and also his Philadelphia Experiment.

    About the Philadelphia Experiment – your childish confidence might return if you realise that although no one else has repeated the experiment, as you wished to do, means that no one YOU know of has done it. If it is possible, it HAS been repeated. But no one is saying.

    Keep your delight alive.

    • davekheath
      June 2, 2016

      Good advise, and I have to admit that I watched old 70’s paranormal shows all last Sundas, so much I drove me niece and nephew crazy with my 70’s narrator voice.

      Now I am looking for a new delight. Maybe it will take me back old paths maybe new ones only time will tell.

  3. Brian Bixby
    June 8, 2016

    I had a similar critical moment, realizing that if witchcraft existed as often depicted, the world would be run by witches, which it isn’t. At least I don’t think it is . . .

    • davekheath
      June 9, 2016

      Or is that just what they want you to think.

  4. truck451
    April 4, 2019

    Reblogged this on Matthew Parij and commented:
    Post on another blog pertaining to WNBC-AM disk jockey Brad Crandall.

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