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Stories that Made me Smile.



I was sitting down to write something and had to go and help birth two goats. It’s been a busy two weeks. So far since I have written last we have had 15 14 goats born, I lost my glasses, got sick, kept working a job that gets me up at 3:45 AM, took my niece and Nephew to see Civil War, and took them and my aunt to the airport. Well it has been a busy couple weeks and because of that I have not one any writing.


There will be post about most of those exciting adventures later, but for now I am just going t share three stories I heard during the week that bought a smile to my face.


baby geese

Call 911

I heard this driving to work on the BBC World radio program. A police officers in Cincinnati was eating his lunch in his cruiser, when he heard a taping on the car’s window. At first he thought it was a human but it turned out it was a goose. He assumed that it wanted part of his sandwich, but the goose was so persistent that he followed it, where he found a baby gosling wrapped up in a balloon string. He removed the string and the mother and baby waddled away.



The Horse fair is a perfect example of layered details

Art historian Amy E. Herman is teaching cops and intelligence operatives how to look at things differently by staring at art. They are learning how to pick up details but also give up preconceived ideas. Personally I think this brilliant. We have all had that ‘art moment’ when your world is changed by a piece of art. Mine was with all things a Jackson Pollock. There is such a difference between looking at and observing art and this applies to life too.


I had a friend who sheepishly told me she was studying art history, because almost always after telling people that they say she cannot make any money out of it. I told her this story and she immediately replied, that what I have been trying to explain to people.  On NPR they were talking about how looking at art for just 10 minutes a day can change your perspective, despite my busy schedule I am really going to try to do this.



Where ever you go…Well there you are.

Kevin smith has been approached by MGM to make a Buckaroo Banzai TV show. BB is of course a DCotU fav. Now I got my hopes up three time about a Global Frequency TV show, and no small screen Miranda Zero. But we can all hope. Just a little while ago 9when I couldn’t fall to sleep) I was thinking about what an awesome world The Hong Kong Cavaliers live it. With rock and roll and driving rocket cars through mountains in Texas. We have a little bit of a BB EU with the novel, and a few comic books but this could do for the worlds greatest Mary Sue (Marty Stu) what Disney did for the Guardians of Galaxy.



Silent Bob may have a thing or two to say about  that

Ok so next time you will get more of what you read DCotU for, I hope this holds you over until then, if not here is a picture of a baby goat.


Negasonic Teenage warhead







5 comments on “Stories that Made me Smile.

  1. chris jensen
    May 22, 2016

    Damn, those goats born standing up?

    love the post chris

  2. leggypeggy
    May 22, 2016

    Great stories. Especially like the art one. One of our daughters has a degree in art history and curatorship.

    • davekheath
      May 22, 2016

      The more I think about it I realize art history is history. That what my degree is, I also think of the Art History majors I have known and they all have had this awesome world view.

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