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4 Cool Things About Stump Town



OK, I have been a little scarce here, sorry. But I have started a new job which involves waking up at 3:45 AM and at least three hours on the freeway. As well as it is kidding season (that when the baby goats are born) so I have been a bit busy. But I have not abandoned DCotU, in fact I am half way through a post on Lovecraft superfan August Derleth But not wanting to leave the weekly well dry, I am writing about something I know very well and is dear to my heart, Portland Oregon.


Weird Education: You can study almost anything here. Portland State University, had classes in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You still can get a certificate in comic book studies at PSU. This is totally legit, I have talked to a student enrolled in this program and they are deadly serious about their studies. Reed College in Portland has the only nuclear reactor in the US completely run by undergrads. Not to be out done on the comic scene, Reed College, also has the world largest student ran comic book library.


comic book

Honestly Bat Man I am studying

Portland Pinball Wars:  Back in the day pinball was more a game of luck than skill, (Before they introduced flippers) and gangsters would make big bets on them. Rival Portland gangsters would try to destroy each other’s pinball racquet.  I have mentioned this several times and have been asked to write about it.

pin ball

But someone has already done it before me, and I just couldn’t so it better than they can. Offbeat OREGON.com has a nearly perfect post on Portland Pinball Wars. So let’s give credit where credit is due. Check out this awesome post if you want to know more about PPW.







The Lovejoy Columns: The Lovejoy Columns deserve their own post but here is a primer. They were originally built  in 1928 and where part of the Lovejoy off-ramp of the Broadway Bridge.  Between 1948-1950 a Greek night watchman began to paint these epic pictures of Greek mythology. It was preserved and moved when the off-ramp was torn down.


I stumbled across when I first moved to Oregon and got lost in The Pearl District. One late rainy night with bright lights shinning on them. Even though I read the sign by the columns, said they were made in the 20th century, they seemed like long lost archeological finds. They are that asthenic looking. Anyone interested in checking them out they can be found at, NW 10th Ave, between Everett and Flanders.



Nudity Days in Portland: OK, let’s start with this, in Portland it is legal to be naked in the public unless it is for the purpose to stimulate. So of course a lot of people get naked and ride bikes. Personally that is an event that I think would be very painful sans clothes. Sara Jean Underwood, who is no stranger to nudity did a TV show about it recently. It will be June 25th this year.


sara jean

Remember when she was the news reader on Attack of the Show?

We also have this day when everyone ridding the light rail takes off their pants and gives it to the homeless. Unlike other clothes optional activities children are invited to this one. (Since the participants still wear their undies) The No Pants Max Ride Day, is not only a way to show off your legs, but help your fellow man. In 2016 it was help on January 7th, I am not sure when it will be next years but probably around the same time.


no pants

They’d give the pants off their legs to help their fellow man.

OK there is this thing, some Christian kids do, since they can’t publicly pray in school, they go around the flag pole and pray before classes start. It is called See You at the Flag Pole.  OK, that cool I guess, they are at least doing something in their lives that they think will help others, but then some of their parents thought, hey let’s do this  at strip clubs. Now in another city Christians would protest strip clubs by praying in the parking lot and shaming patrons entering. But not in Stump Town, here they go into the clubs and tip the dancers with Christian tracts. And yes this is a real thing not something made up like an Onion article.  Portland where even the saints have a little sinner in them.


In Space no one can hear you pray, or the music,

Proof I didn’t make this up










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