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Geek Holiday: September 25th – National Comic Book Day

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Today is National Comic Book Day. Not to be confused with the more famous and popular Free Comic Book Day (First Saturday in May) , or 24 Hour Comic Book Day (October 5th) Where creative teams try to make a full 24 page comic book in 24 hours. But it get Comic book and day in its name so why the heck not?

The more I researched this holiday the more of an enigma it became. No one seems to know who picked the 25th of September to honor graphic novels, or that year that it originated. I am not alone in being unable to find this days enigmatic beginnings. Last year when Comixolgy celebrated it with a on line sale they referred to it as, The “Nth” Annual National Comic Book Day.


Maybe it is better that these guys aren’t involved.

One thing that I have discovered is, that it is not truly a “National” day. For it to be a true national day it literally takes an act of congress. Now anyone can just say, hey I think I am going to have a “National Dave Application Day.” And there is nothing illegal or wrong with that. I think that maybe the reason is one party likes marvel and the other likes DC.


Don’t have to be a Psi-Judge to know it is a made up holiday but doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

Since it isn’t an “official” national day there really isn’t a planned national celebration like on Free Comic Book Day. Comixolgy had a bunch of free on line comic books last year, but nothing this year. TMZ (America’s favorite source for pictures of drunken celebrities) has some shots of celebrities (most of who I had never heard of) dressed up in superhero cosplay. But I could not find anything going on this year. Individual comic book stores are celebrating but there is no country wide plans for festivities.


It’s national Comic Book day and all I got you was a chance to kill the Bat.

That may not be a bad thing. It is kind of a blank slate. You can celebrate it any way you want too. Here are some ideas.

  • Find that comic you always meant to read and never did, and go ahead and read it.
  • Go to your library and read a graphic novel there you’ve never seen before.
  • Read a comic book to your kids.
  • Loan your favorite comic book to a friend who normally doesn’t read them.
  • Type comic book documentary in YouTube and watch one.
  • Write a blog about your favorite graphic novel.
  • .Re-read the first comic book you ever read.
  • Have comic book themed party.

See who need an official “national” day to celebrate comic books.


More comics need goats in them.


2 comments on “Geek Holiday: September 25th – National Comic Book Day

  1. mitchteemley
    September 27, 2015

    Ah, yes. My daughter and son-in-law host a comic geek podcast and have more cosplays in their closet than “real” clothes.

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