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Geek Holidays: GetFOoLA Days


I am sure I have mentioned that I live on a goat farm. Really, no sure I am sure that has come up once in a while…No? Oh well…I live on a goat farm, called GetFOoLA farms. It is owned by sister and brother in law. It name comes from Get the F* Out of LA, since they didn’t want to raise their kid in Los Angeles, and next Sunday is our day. GetFOoLA Day. What is GetFOoLA Day? Well let me tell you. It celebrates us.

Claes in a wagon

Claes is on a roll.

We the denizens and friends of stately GetFOoLA manor. But also of the foods produced here at the farm. Now when I discuss those of us who call GetFOoLA home I call us ‘The People”. So let’s discover how The People celebrate GetFOoLA Day.

Like St Nick the Patron Saint of GetFOoLA, St. Mario makes an appearance. OK, now I am not naïve, I get it’s not the real St. Mario, there are far too many goat farms in the world for St. Mario to visit all on one day. So it is someone dressed up as St. Mario. (Usually the people’s oldest male child under the age of 10) He would then let out his famous greeting “It’s a me, Mario!” This Remands the People how Mario lead them out of California, to Oregon, driving a supped up go-kart, dodging exploding turtle shells the whole time.


It’s a me. Mario.

The week before GetFOoLA Day the people often watch Marvel Cinema Universe movies; to remind them that they too are superheroes.


Black Widow spread GetFOoLA to Russia.

The People decorate their refrigerators with magnets of gourds with hand drawn goats on them. For these are the two prime foods drawn on GetFOoLA farm, and gourd shaped magnets are cheap and abundant at the 99 cent store.


Like Turkey for Thanksgiving and ham for Christmas, The People have a dinner tradition. They feast on the BFL (The Big Foola Lasagna) The tradition comes from a month before my ex-wife kicked me out of our house. She asked me what I wanted for diner and I asked for lasagna, he replied was basically “I will make you diner but you are not good enough to get lasagna.” The people eat lasagna because they know that they are good enough for lasagna.


After lunch people play Settlers of Catan and cutthroat versions of Cards Against Humanity because well, it is a party.

Set ca

Last year we had a GetFOoLA miracle. I had seen a large bird for weeks now and thought it was an eagle but couldn’t tell for sure. But when I was checking the goat’s water, it flew by clearly showing its white head.


Bruce the world’s most adorable little chicken.

My work made me work Christmas, New Years and Thanksgiving. We had picked this year’s celebration so it would fall on a day I didn’t work. But then all of sudden they asked for 4 hours overtime on GetFOoLA day. I got them to move my OT to a different day. But I felt Like George Castanza trying to explain that Festivus really was a real holiday.

baby ducks

Some of the 36 baby ducks born last week in GetFOoLA Farms.

As the Farm grows and my sister’s cheese business becomes a reality, GetFOoLA will be a great way to showcase all the farms products. But I think I will enjoy the early GetFOoLA Days the most. (Remember when GetFOoLA was about the fools not commercialism?) But isn’t that what all holidays made up or not are about? Family.


3 comments on “Geek Holidays: GetFOoLA Days

  1. cindy knoke
    August 12, 2015

    Love this!

  2. L Lindall
    August 13, 2015

    Love this. Love “Festivus Day”, Love making Chevre Cheese. Yes, agreed, it should be celebrated every day. Thank you for sharing your special day.

    • davekheath
      August 13, 2015

      Thank you and may you have a blessed GetFOoLA day.

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