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Calling all Creative Geeks for Help

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if The American Revolution would have been fought by costumed Vigilantes? What would have happen if Alan Turing hadn’t committed suicide? If William Shatter was president? Or if Bruce Lee hadn’t died in 1973? I do and this is going to be the background for my new creative project. And I need your help.


I am creating a new world to write stories in. tenitivly the project is called Geek City. It is an alternate universe that is a geek nirvana. Where nerd counter culture is mainstream culture. It the glories and foibles nerd-tastic world. So first let me share some divergence points from our world and Geek City. It will be vaguely cyber-punk but not really. Here is how its history differs from ours


Joyce Junior is an American icon. In reality Joyce Junior was John Winthrop Jr, the son of a Harvard professor. At night he would dawn the JJ persona wearing a red cape and a mask and go hunt British soldiers and Tories. He was basically V from V for Vendetta but in real life. He led a group of super-friends called the Committee for Tar and Feathering. Striking fear into the hearts of the Red coats.


Though in reality Joyce Junior was more propaganda than action. But in the world of Geek City he was a true bad ass. Single handedly taking masked anit-heroes such as The King’s Man and the mercenary The Hessian. He takes his place in the pantheon of the founding fathers. He becomes the symbol of America instead of Uncle Sam. Schools are named after him. Also for two hundred years it is engrained in the American Psyche that dressing up in a mask and cape and beating up baddies is a perfectly acceptable way to deal with problems.


Alan Turning falls in love. Alan Turning was a genius computer expert and code breaker. He basically created the computer revolution. Unfortunately his persecution for being gay lead to his suicide. He was a brilliant beautiful tortured soul. But what if he found the man of his dreams? What if something gave him the will to live? Then in this world computers would be ten to twenty years ahead of what they are now.


William Shatner’s Presidency. Star Trek was cultural popular show that ran from 1996-1974 (at least in the world of Geek City) its star William Shatner was propelled to stardom almost overnight. In 1970 Shatner left the show to pursue a career in politics. The captaincy of the enterprise was taken over by David Caradine as Captain Robert April.


In 1974 Shatner beats Jerry Brown as the Governor of California, replacing fellow actor and Republican Ronald Regan. He serves one descent term governor and then resigns to work on his campaign for the presidency and beats Walter Mondale in 1980. The Shatner presidency is a shambles. It is started out with a failed attempt to rescue hostages in Iran that had been held there for over two years. Shatner wisely decides not to run in 1984.


Trek however is as hot as ever. Caradine’s sardonic and introspective April is loved as much as Shatner’s space cowboy Kirk. Trek continued pushing social issues like the first interracial kiss (Plato’s Step-Children 1968) As Episode where McCoy’s daughter Julia dies of a drug overdose (Requiem for a McCoy 1971) April as a recovering alcoholic (Highlighted in 1972’s Demon in a Bottle) and the last episode where Transporter Chief Lesslie goes the way of all red-shirts and George Takei’s Sulu admits that he had feeling for the other man (Out with a Bang-1974)


In 1979 Shatner takes time off his campaign to make an extend cameo in the movie Star Trek the Motion Picture. Shatner has nothing to do with what is called by Trekies the “Trilogy” Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock and The Voyage Home. But he returns in 1989’s Final Frontier, where Kirk steals the enterprise and April and crew have to chase him to mystery at the center of the universe. This movie is often thought as the best of the Trek movies.


Orson Wells 1949 block buster movie Bat Man. Those of you that follow Dave’s Corner of the Universe know that the forties Bat Man movie was a hoax started by comic book writer Mark Millar. But what if it was real? The geek-acceptance that was brought in by the Avenger’s Movie could have happened six decades before. Wells stars as Bat Man and Bruce Wayne, but Basil Rathbone steals the show and wins best supporting actor award as the Joker.


Bruce Lee doesn’t die in 1973. Bruce gets the role of Kwai Chang Caine in the TV show Kung Fu 1972-1978. He is an instant celebrity and goes on to even better movies after that. America goes crazy no just for everything Chinese but Asian in general. There is an increased insurgence in not only martial arts but also the philosophical teachings of the eastern traditions. Like manga in Asia the graphic novel becomes a mainstream art medium in the US, culminating with Art Spielgman’s Maus winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1992.


America is still a major player in Space. The popularity of shows like Star Trek, cause many American to study applied sciences and engineering. As such America never loses it love affair with space research. America is also one of the top engendering countries in the world. In 2016 the US will launch the Bradbury the first manned mission to mars.


Sound interesting? I hope so but I need some help. Geek City will include the writings of reporter/historian blogger/cult survivor Horace Sterling as he writes about history, discussing the historical event in his world, then followed up by two or three short stories who people’s lives are affected by that even.


But I could use some help.


First off any cool ideas about something that might be different in the G.C world?


Next I am planning on launching this as a blog. Dave’s Corner of the Universe is mildly successful. In a year and a half I have had 19,000 views and 1,500 followers. But it seems to me fiction blogs doesn’t really attract people. Does anyone run a fic blog have any ideas or hints? Should I run it as part of DCotU or its own blogs, anyone have experiences run two blogs, especial a fiction and a traditional?


When I write the parts about the history of Geek City I will add a “Out of Character” part in the end saying how it differs out real world think some stuff like Joyce Jr just may be to obscure. Is that cool or is breaking the fourth wall a taboo?


Finally Geek City will be open source (at least for now) if anyone wants to add a story to the GC mythos would be invited too.


If anyone has ideas I would real appreciate it. Feel free to comment to this post or Email me at Thezenspider1@gmail.copm


Thanks I real appreciate your input and help.


14 comments on “Calling all Creative Geeks for Help

  1. Dawnasong
    October 19, 2014

    Beautiful just beautiful!

  2. aaforringer
    October 19, 2014

    Hmmm this will require some thought.

  3. Karen
    October 19, 2014

    1. Different in the G.C. world: Bram Stoker is brought back to life by his famous creation.
    2. I run two blogs. The second one with my short stories and flash fiction is lesser known. Due to a full time job I cannot post as often.
    You might want to keep Geek City as special category on your blog. This is easier to manage.
    3. The “Out of Character” part is appealing. You might still handle this to be only visible if selected. Those who consider it cool, click – the others don’t…

  4. theopeningsentence
    October 20, 2014

    Breaking the fourth wall is an intriguing angle on all of this. If you keep it as pure fiction it might disappear in the white noise of fiction on the net; a fourth wall approach might set it apart, making it a fusion of fact and fantasy.

    I run more than one blog and have so much trouble with the main one the others suffer. (I’m even giving up on the main one for the time being.) My advice is keep the project in this blog where it’ll be seen by all those followers you’ve collected.

    Other ideas for Geek City: what if an alternatie America’s number one sport was football (soccer) and grid iron, basketball and baseball were illegal pastimes. Coca Cola made beer and the most popular mobile phone was the Beatle.

  5. ghostof82
    October 21, 2014

    Great idea this, count me in!

    I got a kick from your typo “Star Trek was cultural popular show that ran from 1996-1974”. There’s all sorts of unintended temporal associations to stuff like that.

    Alternate worlds/timelines are so fascinating. How about if Spielberg had directed Return of the Jedi, it became a huge success with a huge cliffhanger which led to another trilogy immediately after (and 2016 sees the twentieth Star Wars movie) and George Lucas bought out Disney in 1998 to launch a series of Mickey Mouse movies?

    I would love to write one about a Robert E Howard fan travelling back in time to talk his hero writer out of committing suicide, or one in which Philip K Dick lived to see Blade Runner properly (although that one may not have ended well).

    I agree regards earlier comment about keeping Geek City in this main blog though.

    • davekheath
      October 21, 2014

      Thanks for the insight about the two blogs.

      Yes I do come up with creative typos.

      I like the idea of REH living longer and being more influential on mainstream media.

      For PKD, I am going to have R Crumb’s Religious Experiences of Philip K Dick being expanded and becoming a new age bible, starting a bunch of small yet influential churches.

  6. aaforringer
    October 24, 2014

    Hmm how about Bruce Lee hosting a series of Specials on TV showing true Martial Art skills that go head to head and even start to draw viewers away from main line sports he finally hosts a special in 1992 that cuts the viewership of the Super Bowl in half, this is due to a young starlet Brooke Shields being co host.
    (Maybe not Brooke, need to do more research)

    • davekheath
      October 25, 2014

      I like martial arts being a big time sports. I will have soccer being a major sport too. I think you can always explain it with soldiers brought it back with them from WWII

      Another Idea some one gave me was that the custom card game fad could have started back in th e20’s and 30’s with baseball cards.

  7. Mike
    October 30, 2014

    1. Hy Turkin the baseball statistician survives his bought with liver disease. In 1953, while his 11 year old nephew Phil is visiting they get to talking about imaginary baseball match ups. Two years later, Phil presented “Hit!” a collectible card baseball game to several major baseball card manufactuers. They all passed. Leaf, a struggling concern, took a chance and ten years later bought out Topps.

    Football, hockey, and other sports games soon followed. In 1963, DC Comics became the first non-sports imprint for a collectible card game.

    2. In 1934 the Hays Commission for morality in movies officially disbanded. The disbanding of the commission is touted by some as the reason that allowed Fleisher studios to release H.P. Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness” in 1938, they’re entry in to the field of animation aimed at an adult audience. Their more family friendly follow up of the John Carter of Mars serials cemented their reputation as a top notch animation company.

    3. Dr. Fredric Wertham, author of “Seduction of the Innocent” on the damage that comic books to children is brought in to testify by Joseph McCarthy before the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC). To quote “Tail Gunner” Joe; “If you aren’t a friend to Batman or Superman, what kind of American are you?” Dr. Wertham leaves the commitee in disgrace.

    4. As a propaganda move, Hitler has the Totenkopf SS Divsions begin wearing actual skull masks. In retaliation US Paratroopers done the mask of Joyce Junior, and other Allied forces follow suite.
    In the Pacific front, the Japanese have followed along with Kamen units wearing masks reminiscent of the samurai’s mempo (derogatorily referred to by US Marines as “mumbo” masks). The 7th Marine Regiment, part of the first division is running low on ammo and supplies. Due to a clerical error the 2nd company of the regiment receives stage makeup (while the USO group is not quite sure of what to do with all the .50 caliber ammo they now have). Lieutenant Thomas “Tomahawk” Barnes, in a “What the Hell, why not” moment concocts an “Ancient Indian Ritual taught to me by my mother” and inducts the platoon in to the “Order of the Howling Comanches”. 3rd Platoon serves with distinction, and the Lieutenant is tasked with creating further “Howling Comanches” throughout the Pacific theater as the war progresses.

    So, there’s some ideas.

    • davekheath
      October 30, 2014

      Wow those are brilliant and well thought out and will be very useful.

      I was already toying with the idea of Dr. Wertham being a red spy lol.

    • davekheath
      October 30, 2014

      You are also the second p[person who suggested the John Carter angel so that is a must.

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