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Spy Cats

Spy cats. No it isn’t a follow up to my favorite single by the Cure it is a wring contest hosted by author Becky Black Powell. She has written a novel called My Neighbor the Spy, and has a sequel out next year.


Last week I came across her blog where she was talking about getting ideas for her new espionage novel. It included a cool little antidote about how CIA put a listening device in to a cat to spy on a covert meeting in the park, and how the cats first mission went terribly bad (at least for the cat). I gave her a few suggestions for reading. For real life espionage the book Legacy of Ashes gives you good overview of how the real CIA works (Or in some cases doesn’t work). And for cats with a secret rocker Gerard Way’s great comic book The True Lives of the fabulous Killjoys.


She has a contest going on for stories about cats who are spies. Personally I always thought cats were up to something nefarious. Risking the wrath of the feline intelligence services I sent in a submission. Check out her blog and my story. And if you got kitty James Bond story in you go ahead and submit it. You got till the first of October.






2 comments on “Spy Cats

  1. Stuff Jeff Reads
    September 9, 2014

    LOL – Now I have The Cure running through my brain.

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