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Dream Team: Disney Princesses.

Dis team princess live

Stuff is about to get real.

This is an ongoing project where I select five characters from different source materials and combine them into a team, and then I explain why I chose these five. I had a request for Disney characters and have kind of redefined it a bit to a team of Disney Princesses.


Disney princess have been part of Americana since Uncle Walt released Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs back in 1937. As a parent I have mixed feelings about the Disney’s princesses. Yes I see them in many way as presenting a positive image to young women, but at the same time they do seem to be awful dependent on their prince. Though this issue was addressed by the House of Mouse’s latest outing Frozen. The princess also walk a very thin tight rope between virginal role model and sex symbol.


Mission: From a magical gate on the top of the highest in the Land of Enchantment, comes the Anti-Princess. She has the power of all the Disney movies villains combined. (Malifecent’s magic, Scar’s political cunning, Gaston’s hunting Prowse) Flora, Fauna and Merriweather. (The three ferries from Sleeping Beauty) have cast a spell to summon the greatest and most noble female warriors from all time to fight the monstrosity that is the Anti-Princess.


Parameters: Since they all have to be form Disney the one per source material rule will be amended to one per movie or show title. All must be female. They must have appeared in a Disney movie or TV show and must be animated (Sorry Millie Cyrus). They do not have to be princess (Mulan was a commoner as memory serves me), but they have to fulfill the role of Disney Princess, ie be a major female character, who moves the story along. I am going to say that they don’t have to speak the same language as the rest of the team, the three fae will cast a spell so all characters can understand each other.


Fa Mulan.

Source: Mulan

Role: Team Leader.

Pros: Military trained, strong willed and has a pet dragon.

Cons: Maybe a bit to headstrong.

Dis team  mulan


The story of Mulan is told in the epic poem Hau Mulan, but I am pretty sure most people here in the US first encountered her when they saw the Disney movie. Her military training makes her the obvious choice of team leader despite her commoner back ground. She is trained in tactics as well as the combative arts. She also understands the importance of discipline and the principles of leadership. Of course in the cinematic world that is Disney a girl just out of basic training has the martial arts acumen of a black belt master.

Dis team kitty and dragon

See a super heroine and her dragon isn’t to far fetched.


She also has a dragon sidekick Mushu. Though he is mainly there for comic relief he is occasionally useful. This reminds me of another heroine with a dragon, Kitty Pride. When constructing this team I kept comparing it with the X-men and other comic book teams. In fact I will write more on that as we progress. And yes Mulan can’t walk through walls, but her combat prowess gives her the ability equal to a lot of low powered capes. And I can see Mushu and Mulan’s relationship developing down the way much like Kitty and Lockheed’s.



Princess Jasmine AKA The Scourge of the Desert.

Source: Aladdin.

Role: Stealth.

Pros: Covert op skills.

Cons; Might turn evil.

Disney scourage of the desert

Behold the dreaded Scourge of the Desert


Many a young man’s puberty were kicked started into overdrive when they saw the Aladdin TV show episode Forget Me Lots, when normally nice and pristine Princess Jasmin was transformed into her evil persona The Scourge of the desert. Wearing a dark version of her normal Arabian Nights harem clothing, she seemingly taught herself acrobatic maneuvers and how to fight with a whip and a scimitar. For purposes of this discussion we will say that she is back to being good, but remembers the fighting and acrobatic skills her former evil persona had, as well as some thieving skills she picked up from her boyfriend Aladdin.


On a team level I see her fulfilling the role of the black sheep, much the same way the characters Black Widow and Cat Woman, would  on a super hero team. Someone who has been on team dark side and knows what it is capable of. She knows how they use their tactics and how to turn them against her enemies. Between her acrobatic and thievery skills she should be able to get past any guards. If not she can use her womanly charms on them. When she convinced Jafar that the magic had made her fall in love with him, even the Genie’s jaw dropped.


Queen Elsa AKA The Snow Queen.

Source: Frozen

Role: Combat via Cryokeniss.

Pros: The girl is a friggin mutant.

Cons: Isn’t in full control of her powers.

Dis team frozen

When she says chill, she means chill!


When I saw Frozen I commented that I was glad that it remained true to the original source material, The X-Men. Elsa’s power, despite vague comments about stemming from a curse, seem to have developed randomly at birth, like a mutation. The citizens all freak out about her powers like the citizens  in the X-Men do about the mutants. Anna’s white streak reminds me of Rouge. The giant snow man Elsa created to defend herself is basically an ice Sentinel. She threatens to destroy the world with ice where the dark Phoenix threaten to destroy it with fire. There is even a hidden scene at the end of the movie like a marvel Movie. I know they say it is based on Hans Christian Anderson story. But that is like saying Haven is based on The Colorado Kid. It’s not really based on the cited source material.


So since I envision this team sort of like an Edwardian super team putting Elsa in the lineup in a no brainer. Let’s face it when it comes to freezing things Elsa’s power is nearly goddess like. Even though she is a queen I think that Elsa is smart enough to defer to Mulan when it comes to tactics. And in ways her moral code is similar to a four color hero. Sure she wanted to take off and be fee at first but in she learned Uncle Ben’s maxim. “With great power comes great reasponcability.’



Source: The Lion King

Role: Combat.

Pros: She is a talking lion, do you need any more?

Cons: No opposable thumbs.

dis tem nala

Who needs thumbs when you have sharp teeth and claws.



OK, I am going to say that I may be stretching the understanding each other’s language part here. But the lions in Lion King definably have their own lion lingo, and who am I to say that the little ferries magic couldn’t let a human understand what she was saying and visa versa. But assuming that they can communicate there are a lot of advantages of having a lioness on your team. Strength and speed, hunting skills and well who wouldn’t be scared if a couple hundred pounds of flesh rip feline was about to pounce.

Let’s face it, nature has given lions some impressive abilities. Including a great sense of balance. And falling from a high spot, is so common in movies by The House of Mouse, it is refer to as the “Disney Death.” So being able to move and easily twist in a mountain environment is a big plus, being able to push you enemies of to a certain but audience friendly demise.


Tinker Bell.

Source: Peter Pan.

Role: Ariel Support.

Pros: Can make you entire team fly.

Cons: The Fae tend to be capricious.

Disney team tink


I believe in ferries and Tink is the reason. In the original play written by J. M. berry she was portrayed by a light that was reflected of a mirror. But the version that we have in all our minds is that from the Disney movie. Well I know a few guys who when think of her, their minds flash to J. Scott Campbell’s cheese cake drawings, but that is a different story.

Dis team Tink J scott

J. Scott Campbell giving Tink the Danger Girl make over and not caring about copy rites.


We think of ferries as well little cute innocuous beings. But they are called fairy tales for reason. The fae can be hard core when they want too. And one thing you see in Tink is a fighting spirit. And a team needs someone like that someone who will not give up when things take a bad turn. Someone more than a mascot but someone that can raise the team’s sprit and help administer the but kick to the baddies. And Tink is my girl.


Honorable Mention/Back Ups: Cinderella (If I could have the covert op Cindy from fables she’d be right up there on this list) Angela (Goliath’s daughter only didn’t make this list because being stone half the day doesn’t make a good team member for a non-gargoyle team) Belle (Near Adrian Vedt level intelligence), Ariel (My favorite princess, didn’t list because I make the cut because I thought she would suffer from the Aquaman effect) Tiana (From the Princess and the Frog, experience fighting Voodoo.) Princess Leia Organa-Solo (Hey she is a Disney Princess now, and who couldn’t use a Jedi knight.) Megara (Hercules’ black op) Meredith (Brave’s archer) Rupunzale (Hair-fu)


Dis team cindy fables

Rella… Cinderella.


13 comments on “Dream Team: Disney Princesses.

  1. Reenie
    May 2, 2014

    Merida would have been on my team from the get go. No team is complete without an archer. And I would have given leader to Belle. Pure of heart with book smarts to boot? She’d be the Cap/Superman of this gang. But totally agree on Elsa and Mulan, if they’re in the pool there’s no reason not to bring them into a battle.

  2. Khushii
    May 2, 2014

    Merida and Ariel are two princess who can be considered as they have always been self sufficient. They take good care of their situations.

    • davekheath
      May 2, 2014

      I think this is something that Disney has really improved recently.

  3. aaforringer
    May 2, 2014

    Great golly Miss Molly you have done it again, taken a silly idea and made it great. And quick too, great working in X Men references you pop culture guru you. 🙂

  4. teagan geneviene
    May 5, 2014

    Fun idea and a great exercise.

  5. maurnas
    May 8, 2014

    I met J Scott Campbell two years ago at MegaCon. He was sweet but a little condescending. The whole “Does your boyfriend like comics?” thing. And I’m like, “No motherfucker. I like comics.”

    • davekheath
      May 8, 2014

      Way to tell him!

      • maurnas
        May 8, 2014

        Unfortunately, my mouth is bitchier than my brain.

      • davekheath
        May 8, 2014

        No I think that is a great response.

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