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The Dream Team: Supernatural Threat Response (Powered)



This is my new project The Dream Team. I will chose five characters from different sources to fulfill a specific mission. My first one is for people with powers to fight a supernatural menace.

Mission: Due to rising supernatural threats the US government is creating a new super/magical powered response team. This will be a five personnel unit to deal with large destructive supernatural menaces.

Parameters: All personnel on this team must possess some kind of power, it can be super, magical or psionic. They must be set in a contemporary setting. They should have be in some sort of supernatural story set anytime between late nineteen-nineties and now. For this purpose they can be retired or even killed in their cannon works, just assumed it didn’t happen in our hypothetical world.

Elijah Snow
Source: Planetary
Role: Team Leader
Powers: Cryokenesis, doesn’t age.
Pros: Leadership skills, ruthless when has to be trained investigator.
Cons: Crotchety old man.

Parnormal powers Elijiah

Elijah Snow is the main character form Warren Ellis’ awesome and underrated comic book Planetary. In this world all the things that happened only in books here actually happened. So he was taught how to fight vampires by going up against Dracula (you freeze his testicles) and how to investigate by Sherlock Holmes. He is an expert in the unusual and bizarre. He is a century baby, born on the first day of the Twentieth Century as such he doesn’t age after around thirty. He can freeze things at will, once freezing an entire block too congeal a passion gas.

Though stubborn he is a good leader, and would not panic in the face of strange and supernatural threats. He is a survivor, surviving the collapse of the Wildstorn Universe in to the DC universe by “Being somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be.” Almost an anti-hero Elijah can be world weary as well as ruthless, but he does care about his team members, but doesn’t always show it to them.

Project Alice. (Alice Abernathy in the novelizations.)
Source: Resident Evil (Movies)
Role: Combat/Second in Command.
Powers: Highly skilled at combat and telekinesis.
Pros: Can be very mission oriented, combat monster, looks like Milla Jocovitch.
Cons: Has a major multinational cooperation after her, and powers freak out when she sleeps.

Paranormal powers Alice

Originally a corporate security agent, she turned against the Umbrella Corp when she discovered how it risked human lives for profits. They however captured her and experimented on her, exposing her to the T-Virus, which unleashed her psychic and enhanced physical abilities. This combined with her nearly preternatural fighting skills makes her a true combat maven.

I get that many people who played the Resident Evil games first absolutely hate the movies. But I never played the games, so I can see the series as good standalone zombie flicks. And I think Alice makes a good combat heroine. I picked her for this team not only for her combat abilities but her way she sees the world is a good balance for team leader Snow’s ennui laced view. In ways they aren’t that far apart, and they can both be ruthless when needed, but she still has some of that optimism that comes with youth.

Blade (Eric Brooks)
Source: The Marvel Universe.
Role: Combat.
Powers: Superhuman speed and strength, regeneration, hand to hand combat expert.
Pros: Powers of a vampire but without their weaknesses.
Cons: Despite the fact that he has worked with superheroes the Nightstalkers and even SHIELD, he isn’t much of a team player.

Paranormal powers Blade

Who else knows how to kick vampire butt better than the Day Walker. Blade’s mother was bitten by a vampire when he was born giving Blade the powers of the undead. He has set forth on a one person crusade to eliminate the he vampire menace from the face of the earth. Though since he lives in a universe full of capes and heavily armed super villains I am sure Blade can hold his own against other supernatural baddies as well.

As the teams two primary strikers Blade could be more of the id, and Alice the unit’s supper ego. I also think that with very little practice the two’s fighting styles could complement each other’s. Especially when they go hand to hand against the baddies, blade with his katana, and Alice with her khukuries.

Liz Sherman
Source: Hellboy
Role: Investigator.
Powers: Pyrokenesis, Trained investigator.
Pros: Fire-powers, trained investigator of the occult.
Cons: Possible Burn out.

Paranormal powers liz

For this I, chose Liz from the later comic books. Not the manic pixie girl played by Selma Blair. Or the cute but utterly lacking in self-confidence of the Animated series. Or even the younger comic versions, the one who lost her faith and gained it back again. A time in her life where she is full of experience but still has her powers. This is middle aged Liz who has seen and done it all, who has quit and rejoined the BRPD half a dozen times. I chose this version because I think she would work the best with Elijah Snow, someone who could understand where he is coming form but still tell him off when he is full of BS.

We primarily think of Liz for her fire powers, but she is also a skilled field agent. She taught Hellboy and Abe how to hotwire a car after teaching herself just in case they need to make a quick getaway. She knows about the occult, mythology and the supernatural. Her friendships with ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ would also mean she wouldn’t immediately assume all supernatural things are evil.

Willow Rosenberg
Source: The Buffy-verse.
Role: Witch and hacker.
Powers: Witchcraft
Pros: Magic, computer use, team player.
Cons: Could turn evil and try to destroy the world.

Parnormal power willow

For the team I would chose Willow from about season four or five of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She may not be at her full power level, but by then she has started to have confidence in herself. She has seen more than her share of supernatural creatures for her twenty-three years of age. This is also when Tara is still alive and her love gives Willow a reason to fight the good fight. Of course if Tara gets killed Xander might be the only one who could have talked her down from her path of world destruction. Also Tara gives her a more experienced (if not more powerful) witch to share things and talk over with. As the series progressed Willow focused on her magic but she was an excellent online researcher and hacker. Elijah and Liz maybe great field investigators but Willow gives the team a leg up on online investigations.

As the youngest team member Willow might fall into the team mascot role, as she did in the begging with the Scoobies. Elijah would be standoff at first causing Willow to want to do better to impress him. Eventually the old curmudgeon would develop a soft spot for the young witch but he would not always show it. Blade would see her as just another solider in the war against the supernatural. I think though that either Liz or Alice could easily take a big sister role and become a mentor to the girl.

Honorable Mention/Backups: Hellboy (A no brainer), John Constantine (Marvel’s demonologist), Selene (Gun toting vampire in a catsuit) Captain John Harkness (Save the world and look good doing it) Dr Strange (Marvel’s sorcerer supreme), Harry Potter (The boy who survived), Paige Mathews (The lost Halliwell sister who can cast spells and teleport) Harry Dresden (A PI and a wizard in one), Buffy Summers (Well duh) Jennifer Kale (Marvel witch), Angel (The vampire with a soul)







2 comments on “The Dream Team: Supernatural Threat Response (Powered)

  1. maurnas
    April 17, 2014

    I swooned a little when I read this. I could not love your blog and your ideas more.

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