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Top Ten Women in Comic Books that are more than Skin Deep: The List.

Recently I did posts about The Top Ten Women in Comic Books who are more than Skin deep. Since you may have to hunt around my blog to find them here is the finial list, the ladies, their creators and the books they appear in.

10) Marshal Carrie Steko created by Greg Rucka, in Whiteout.

9) Judge Casandra Anderson Created by John Wagner in Judge Dredd.

8) Jenny Sparks by warren Ellis in the Authority.

7) Dizzy Cordova by Brian Azzarello, in 100 Bullets.

6)  Zee Hernandez by Brian Woods in DMZ.

5) Liz Sherman by Mike Mingnola in Hellboy.

4) Casey Blevins by Nick Spencer in Morning Glories.

3) Tara Chace by Greg Rucka in Queen and Country

2) Amanda Waller by John Ostrander, Lee Wien. And john Byrne. In Suicide Squad.

1) Deadly Little Miho by Frank Miller in Sin City.


5 comments on “Top Ten Women in Comic Books that are more than Skin Deep: The List.

  1. Andy
    December 27, 2013

    Some great choices there Dave! Some of the DC character’s I’m not so familiar with as I was always a strictly-Marvel kind of guy myself!!

    I have to admit that if it was me putting this list together I’d have had to have found a spot for Martha Washington and Halo Jones!

    Well put together though!

  2. David
    December 30, 2013

    Thanks, I thought about Martha Washington, I just hadn’t read enough with her in it. Also I love Halo Jones, it is one of the most fun comics I have ever read but, I didn’t think a lot of people would be familiar with her. Though some pretty obscure ones did make the list.

  3. bafriyie
    February 18, 2014

    Some of these characters I’m not aware of, if they are fresh, new takes on women then I’ll have to give them a read.

    • davekheath
      February 19, 2014

      Most of these are from indy comics, with the exception of Amanda Waller, if you are looking for something fresh to read pick up Morning Glories TPB Vol 1. It is the only comic book that shocked me with a plot twist that I literally droped it to the floor.

      • bafriyie
        February 19, 2014

        Oooh I’ll have to add that one to the list of books and novels I’m going to buy even though I’m broke.

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