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You Know You Live in Rural Oregon When

I have spent the last year in rural Oregon, about thirty miles south of Portland. And this area does have a style and vibe all of its own.  I love it but it took a while to get use to the native zeitgeist of the place. So in honor (or maybe despite) all those other regional you know you live in XXX when.. list here is mine.

You know you live in rural Oregon when…

….you have been to more than one archery hunting supply shop and  folk art store in a single day..

…at your house goats outnumber the humans.

…you have proclaimed bacon on maple donuts is the greatest thing you have ever tasted.

…I am only happy when it rains is more than just song lyrics.

…when Keep Portland Weird, is considered a personal challenge.

…you been in  a brew-pub that has its back half is full of children’s toys, so that you can relax and have  drink while the kids play.

…you own both a blog and a rooster.

…you been to both a Grateful Dead Concert and a National NRA rally.

…the aging hippies on the main street in town are still protesting the Vietnam war, and plan to get around to protesting the ‘New war’ sooner or later.

…there are no doctors in your town but over a dozen veterinarians, all of whom make house calls.

…the local cops have ever come to your house to barrow a gun.

…when the top item of your to do list is take the chainsaw to the shop to get it looked at, so you will have enough kindling for the winter.


6 comments on “You Know You Live in Rural Oregon When

  1. Jack Flacco
    July 25, 2013

    Goats outnumbering humans and owning a rooster is a sure sign of living in rural anywhere. I also found it funny the cops would have to knock on your door to borrow a gun. The NRA would surely be proud, as would the Grateful Dead! 😉

  2. guuthulhu
    September 16, 2013

    I lived in portland and had friends out in scappoose… with goats.. and have had bacon maple donuts. Some of the other stuff sounds like just another trip to Saturday Market or down-town after dark.

  3. illustratorsanonymous
    January 12, 2014

    I love it and can totally relate. I live in rural texas, in a town of 300. It funny how people on the outside see it as a weird little community. But its bacward aspects are what make it so great!

  4. foodradical
    May 25, 2014

    Keeping Portland Weird is a personal challenge-my favorite! Made me laugh out loud! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve enjoyed checking yours out!

    • davekheath
      May 25, 2014

      thank you. And it is my personal challenge too.

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