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Overheard at Work

Today I have to work mandatory overtime so before I go in I thought I would chare some actual things that I have overheard at work or at least I think I overheard.

“…Just because I called her a sea hag doesn’t mean I don’t like her…”

“…It is quite liberating to release your inner Viking on the bus…”

“…You sir are an idiot…”

“…This is my hideous shirt…”

“….I got kick out of the fantasy football league because I kept trying to draft Gandolf…”

 “…It’s just one of those one in lifetime things that keeps happening over and over again…”

“…And that is why there is an ambulance in our parking lot…”

“…After seeing that guy naked I never went back to that gym…”

“…I just want to know what environmentalist killed Jerry Pournell’s family…”

“…When Dave loses it I am going out the second story window, the fall will do less damage than he will…”

 “…1,200 Calories of Maple syrup goodness in 30 seconds yeah baby that’s what I am talking about…”              

 “….I only eat processed fatty foods….”

 “…I like putting things in people’s butts…”

 “….The wedding had a screenplay…”

 “…First love is like malaria you may get over it but you never get it out of your blood…”

 “…Why is That dude carrying a baby ferret on the call floor…”     

 “…I think I am going to learn to play the kazoo…”

 “…My favorite character on that show is Jack he will sleep with anything…”        

 “…Just to be clear which constitutional right am I signing away by signing this?…”


2 comments on “Overheard at Work

  1. Moonshine Darling
    February 4, 2014

    Sounds like a really interesting place to work!

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